Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades

Like light, but want privacy? Consider a roman shade that allows light in from the top keeping the living space of a room private.

(from one of our clients, Chuck)

This is what it looks like with bothe the top down and the bottom up.

This is what it would like like with the top all the way up and the bottom all the way down, completely covering the window.


  1. So beautiful and elegant...very creative idea..
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  2. It is a very innovative concept in which a window can work as a door also with the help of shades.
    It prevents the extra sunlight causing glaring problem.There is a variety of shades available in the market so a buyer is free to pick and choose the color and design of their own.

  3. Top down, bottom up is popular because it can meet privacy needs while still allowing access to natural light. This fully functional window treatment gives a clean and contemporary look.
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