Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ugly Fabric Challenge Update: All Fabrics Are IN!


Two of the fabric choices had to be custom printed, so I had to wait on that. But they are finally here.

Fist up, the creepy dancing monkeys, or whatever they are doing. . . .

And next, stars and poop! I think my favorite moment so far in this ugly fabric challenge has been acquiring this particular piece. The creator contacted me after I placed my order and said, "I'm so glad you like my designs. I'd love for you to post your creation on our Facebook page!" I didn't have the heart to reply and tell her it was entered in an Ugly Fabric Challenge. . . 

And then, raw meat. . .  I'm a little disturbed that this exists. And seeing it in person is perfectly
The design is very large scale and extremely detailed. There are even moisture droplets on the meat that makes my stomach churn. I have to say, while I have very big plans for this piece I am not very much looking forward to the actual creation process.

Let the creative juices flow!
 (I swear there was no pun intended there having said that immediately after this juicy raw meat photo. I actually didn't even notice I had said that right under this picture until I went through to reread it. Gross). 

I am currently working very hard to get my business turnaround time to 4 weeks. So I am thinking you can expect the results of the ugly fabric challenge in a little less than two weeks form now. I will post updates periodically throughout production. Unless the image updates are of me vomiting and dry heaving, in which case I will spare you.

What have I done??? :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Inspirations

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about depression because this has been a very long and cold and lonely winter for me. And just when there was light at the end of the tunnel, well, for cryin' in the beer cheese soup if it didn't snow again the week of EASTER! I've about had it! So here are some pleasant things to look at it that make me think of warmth and life and not freezing death.

How great is this pattern paired with River Blue Treads??? Fabulous!!

And this is absolutely darling. Almost makes me want to have another baby girl to design a nursery. . . . almost.

And if you just can't picture it. . . 


And I don't think I'll ever get tired of Blue and Yellow paired together.

Does anyone switch out their pillow, blanket or rug decor with the seasons? I'd be very interested in seeing some pictures of rooms in different seasons. :)

I think the Bansuri fabric and the Lilly Pulitzer are my fave!

Alright. Looking at pretty things lifted me up a bit from my funk. Back to work for me. 
Happy viewing. 

All the fabrics and products pictured can be found by clicking on the image. They are linked to suppliers if you are interested in using these fabrics or products in your home.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

I know. I know. I've been absent. Where have I been? Well. . . . 

At the end of last year my goal was to slow down on work so I could primarily be mom. But it is the first time in yyyeeeaaaarrrrsss that I have not run the business by myself. So I didn't know what kind of a work load I could handle. Well, the work load I took on in Jnauary? yah. . . . can't handle that. Note to self. . . . 

Family problems. . . 


"Training" for my half marathon. I'm getting really good at mental preparation :) I'm harnessing my chi.

And on top of all that I am mommy and wife. I was going to say "housekeeper" but who am I kidding?!

Mostly, I've been working like crazy with the goal of getting my turnaround time down to FOUR weeks! I will not be taking any more orders 'till April in this effort.

I wanted to share some recent client appreciation photos that I thought were lovely. When I make the window treatments I don't get to see them in the window before I ship them. So I love to see the after pictures when they are hung.

Now, this is not the case for the above window treatments, but sometimes I get fabrics and when I open the package I think to myself, "Were you intoxicated when you picked this?!" But when I see the after pictures of the treatments in the room with the house and the colors and the design it all make sense. So please, send me pictures when your treatments are mounted!

Enjoy, and have a great Tuesday! I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gray is the not the only choice!

Pairing Yellow
Since starting my window streatments business almost three years ago I can count on one hand the times I have paired Yellow with something other than Gray.
Gray seems to be both the obvious and most popular color to pair with yellow.

But there are many other options to consider.

Yellow and Black

Yellow and Red

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Brown

Yellow and Hot Pink

Yellow and Purple

Yellow and Green

Have a little fun with it! Explore the possibilities!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Please pass the mustard.

Decorating With Mustard Yellow
I am ready for Spring! The daffodils are beginning to sporout here in Virginia. I have a lot of clients sending me yellow fabrics! I think I'm not the only one longing for summer.
 So let's talk yellow!

Yellow is great for decorating. It is warm, inviting and pleasing to the eye. It is a color for pleasure. It is a bold choice to decorate with, but done right can create a stunning affect.

Yellow can be tricky. It has many hues including green and gray. Yellow paint almost always ends up being brighter on the wall than it looked on the tiny paint swatch. Paint a substantial part of the wall to really get a good idea. Another good rule to go by for paint is to get two shades grayer or greener than what you were considering on a color swatch as it goes on brighter than you might think.

Because of its reflective quality, yellow will work well in small spaces such as hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms or basements. It will help make these spaces less dark.

The most popluar color combo I see right now is yellow and gray. Yellow can be very intense and should be paired with a complimentary color. The obvious seems to be gray. Later this week we will talk about other great accent colors for yellow including black, brown, blue, purple, red and hot pink!

Yellow is considered to be the color with most positive energy in Feng Shui. Terrie at Your Decorating Hotline says, " Yellow can alleviate depression, fatigue and digestive problems but might compound fear, insomnia or aggression. Yellow promotes harmony so would be a good choice in rooms where people gather like a family room or kitchen."

(Martha Stewart)

Here are some great fabric and home decor finds in a mustard yellow or gold.

Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom

Casa Blaca Geo in Citrine

(this pillow is currently on sale)!!

Enjoy! Happy Monday, everyone!