Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giveaway Tuesday!

Today we are giving away a 50% labor  price of custom window treatments or 50% off completed items (such as pillow covers) coupon to use in our shop! To enter, follow our blog or follow us on Facebook! If you already follow and like share this on your Facebook page or other social media pages.

Visit our shop and tell us in a comment here on the blog what you will use your 50% off coupon for. Good luck!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Sponsor for the month of February and report on January's sponsor

At Window Treatments by Melissa we feel very blessed with success and have chosen to give a portion of our earnings back to the community. Each month we receive applications reviewing their stories and evaluating their needs. The family or individual that is selected becomes the sponsor family of the month and receives five dollars from each order placed during that month!

January's sponsor family had a preemie who was in the hospital for a short time for some breathing problems. He is now home and well.

So far this month (still ONE more day!!!) we have raised $215 toward this babies unexpected medical expenses! Thank you all for your help!

For February we have selected a family that has suffered a great loss. They also had a Preemie baby that spent over a year fighting for his life. His life was one great struggle. You can read about how he came here and his final moments here.
This little boy was a courageous fighter his whole life, up until the last second. He beat the odds many time over puzzling his doctors. His life was a great example to us all. Because of his precious short life I have learned to hold my babies just a little closer. His story is very inspiring and I hope you will find hope and strength from reading about this courageous family.

Sweet baby Seth, June 14, 2010- October 9, 2011

 Use coupon code HELPBABY in our shop to receive free shipping on your next order. $5 from every order placed in the month of February will be going toward baby Seth's final expenses.

Thank you all for your help. I hope you all will take the time to read about this little miracle and find strength in him.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My giveaway on Caitlin Wilson Design

Welcome to Caitlin Wilson Design followers! And welcome back to my readers! My giveaway for TWO 84" long lined rod pocket panels in Village Blue/Natural chevron curtain panels is happening today on the CWD website!

*Must be a follower of my blog to enter. Good luck! And welcome new readers!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Behind the Curtains. . .

  • I am a mom to two of the world's most beautiful children.

  • I run a successful window treatments business.

  • I also have a tiny bit of a social life.
(Yes, you can take the lack of picture as the truth about this statement).

Stories about my organization and OCD are legendary. I college my desk was ridiculously organized. I once had the top drawer opened for less than a second before saying, "Who used my stapler?" I knew within seconds that it had not been put back exactly as I had it. When people would come into our dorm room looking for paper clips, scizzors, etc. my roommates would say, "Whatever you do don't touch Melissa's desk." I was ridiculously organized. My two little people have cured me of most of my OCD habbits. However, now I can't keep up!

Any and all advice on time management so I have enough time to clean my house and keep it from looking like the first picture is most welcomed. Unless it is "slow down" because that isn't an option.

Window Treatment Style Education--Roman Shades

This weeks style education is on just a few of the many types of Roman Shades. Roman Shades date back to ancient Rome when they were simply called window coverings. In ancient Rome when the streets weren't paved heavy foot traffic, travelling by horse or donkey and even wagon churned up dirt leaving the eair constantly dusty. To prevent this dust coming inside houses and buildings people covered their windows with a cloth that fit inside the window opening. Over time they noticed that these window coverings were also keeping out heat and cold and other natural elements. And thus the Roman Shade became common is househoulds and work places (http://romanblinds.all-blinds.com/roman-blinds/history-of-roman-blinds/).

The two pictures above are both examples of Flat or Classic Roman Shades. The ideal fabrics for this style are medium weights or heavier cotton, polyester, linen, silk,  faux silk, duck or canvas. Almost any fabric type will work.

Avoid light weight quilters cottons.

The two above picutres are both examples of a Banded Roman Shade. The border in the pictures is on all sides, but it can be one the two lengths and the bottom, or just the two length sides. Ideal fabrics for a banded shade are canvas and duck.

Avoid light weight quilters cottons, linen and silk for banded shades.

The two above pictures are both examples of Relaxed Roman Shades. These are not ideal for outside mounts, but are great inside mounts. The ideal fabrics for this project are medium weights or heavier cotton, polyester, linen, duck or canvas.

Avoid light weight quilters cottons and uphulstery weight fabrics

The two pictures above are examples of Hobbled Roman Shades. As these are quite a bit heavier than the other style they are ideal inside mounts and not recommended for outside mounts. The ideal fabric for this style are cotton duck, canvas and 100% pure flax linen such as Imperial Trellis.. Medium weight cottons will do, but for the best results stick to the sturdier fabrics. Upholstery weights are also a good option for this style.

Avoide light weight fabrics, especially quilter's cottons.


ShalahJ you won our pillow covers! You have 24 hours to contact me at windowsbymelissa@gmail.com Congratulations!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Giveaway Tuesday!

A set of two 20" decorative envelope closure pillow covers made from white canvas with a black ribbon in the greek key design.

Four ways to enter:
1) Follow our blog
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3) Refer blog to a friend

All entries must be from a blog follower. Leave a separate comment for each entry.

Imperial Trellis Fabric

I often get asked if Imperial Trellis comes in other colors. Here are all the colors I have been able to find and at the most reasonable price I have been able to find.

Imperial Trellis

                                         Citrine              Velvet Chartreuse          Treillage

                                                   Velvet Peacock               Navy

                                  Velvet Byzantine         Velvet Noir        Parchment/Midnight

                                                           Java                  Velvet Fawn

                                        Coffee                        Sand                     Manderin

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Use the coupon from Friday's post for one of these beatuies.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello, I love you.

"Melissa was so great to work with. Love my shade and it is exactly what I had in mind. Highly recomended. Thank you Melissa, you are awesome!!"

"Thank you Melissa! My flat roman shades are beautiful!!! The quality is amazing. I will definitely use you for my future window treatments & will recommend you to all my friends! Thank you!!! Amanda"

"Melissa is great to work with. She answered all my questions upfront, gave the correct measurements, and she has quick turnaround of the finished product. I love my new bedroom curtains and look forward to my new living room and dining room drapes!"

Coupon expires Jan 24.

Love. Love. Love.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to measure your windows for roman shades

How to measure your windows for a roman shade:

An inside mount requires at least 1.5" of depth. Measure the inside of the window frame from left to right then inside top to bottom. Click on link below picture to view measuring video.

And outside mount requires an additional 3" of length to account for the mounting hardware and the mounting block. The length and width measurements should go from outside molding to outside molding or simply whatever you would like the finished shade to measure. Click on the link below the image to watch the instructional video on measuring for an outside mount.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Window Treatment Style Education

This is the first of many educational posts to come. The purpose is to educate you on different style of window treatments and help you decide what is best for your home and also your needs. This educational post will be every Wednesday. So stay tuned!

Today we are going to talk about curtains. There are many types and styles of curtain. Today we are going to learn about the flat panel, the rod pocket and the hidden tab. There are variations on each of these, but these are the curtains in their most basic form.

1) The Flat Panel Curtain

Flat panels allow you to use any type of fabric. Some fabrics are too "fancy" to use as a rod pocket or hidden tab. But rings allow you the freedom to use any fabric choice. Ideal for a formal room.

When a curtain hung from rings is pulled to the side it holds its own and doesn't require the use of tie backs. They flank windows nicely and also are nice accents to be stationary beside windows with inside mount roman shades or underneath valances.

Ideal fabrics: any

Rod pocket panels slide open and closed with ease. They are a standard curtain that is best used for a more casual look. Medium weight cotton are best for this style, but not limited to.

These curtains are ideal to stand alone. They could be used under a valance but valance plus curtain plus tie back can get a litte busy.

Rod pockets do require a tie back as they have a tendancy to inch toward the center of the curtain rod.

Ideal fabrics: Medium weight cottons, linens, cancas or duck 

Hidden tab panels can be used with any material. Linen drapes nicely with this style as they pleat. This style is versitile as it can be used in either a formal room or a casual room. The fabric choice would make the difference between formal or casual.

This curtain does not require a tie back as the tabs and pleats help it hold its own when pulled to the side. However, tie backs can be used.

Ideal fabrics: medium weight cotton, linen