Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Sponsor for the month of February and report on January's sponsor

At Window Treatments by Melissa we feel very blessed with success and have chosen to give a portion of our earnings back to the community. Each month we receive applications reviewing their stories and evaluating their needs. The family or individual that is selected becomes the sponsor family of the month and receives five dollars from each order placed during that month!

January's sponsor family had a preemie who was in the hospital for a short time for some breathing problems. He is now home and well.

So far this month (still ONE more day!!!) we have raised $215 toward this babies unexpected medical expenses! Thank you all for your help!

For February we have selected a family that has suffered a great loss. They also had a Preemie baby that spent over a year fighting for his life. His life was one great struggle. You can read about how he came here and his final moments here.
This little boy was a courageous fighter his whole life, up until the last second. He beat the odds many time over puzzling his doctors. His life was a great example to us all. Because of his precious short life I have learned to hold my babies just a little closer. His story is very inspiring and I hope you will find hope and strength from reading about this courageous family.

Sweet baby Seth, June 14, 2010- October 9, 2011

 Use coupon code HELPBABY in our shop to receive free shipping on your next order. $5 from every order placed in the month of February will be going toward baby Seth's final expenses.

Thank you all for your help. I hope you all will take the time to read about this little miracle and find strength in him.

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