Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Window Treatment Style Education--Roman Shades

This weeks style education is on just a few of the many types of Roman Shades. Roman Shades date back to ancient Rome when they were simply called window coverings. In ancient Rome when the streets weren't paved heavy foot traffic, travelling by horse or donkey and even wagon churned up dirt leaving the eair constantly dusty. To prevent this dust coming inside houses and buildings people covered their windows with a cloth that fit inside the window opening. Over time they noticed that these window coverings were also keeping out heat and cold and other natural elements. And thus the Roman Shade became common is househoulds and work places (

The two pictures above are both examples of Flat or Classic Roman Shades. The ideal fabrics for this style are medium weights or heavier cotton, polyester, linen, silk,  faux silk, duck or canvas. Almost any fabric type will work.

Avoid light weight quilters cottons.

The two above picutres are both examples of a Banded Roman Shade. The border in the pictures is on all sides, but it can be one the two lengths and the bottom, or just the two length sides. Ideal fabrics for a banded shade are canvas and duck.

Avoid light weight quilters cottons, linen and silk for banded shades.

The two above pictures are both examples of Relaxed Roman Shades. These are not ideal for outside mounts, but are great inside mounts. The ideal fabrics for this project are medium weights or heavier cotton, polyester, linen, duck or canvas.

Avoid light weight quilters cottons and uphulstery weight fabrics

The two pictures above are examples of Hobbled Roman Shades. As these are quite a bit heavier than the other style they are ideal inside mounts and not recommended for outside mounts. The ideal fabric for this style are cotton duck, canvas and 100% pure flax linen such as Imperial Trellis.. Medium weight cottons will do, but for the best results stick to the sturdier fabrics. Upholstery weights are also a good option for this style.

Avoide light weight fabrics, especially quilter's cottons.


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