Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Behind the Curtains. . .

  • I am a mom to two of the world's most beautiful children.

  • I run a successful window treatments business.

  • I also have a tiny bit of a social life.
(Yes, you can take the lack of picture as the truth about this statement).

Stories about my organization and OCD are legendary. I college my desk was ridiculously organized. I once had the top drawer opened for less than a second before saying, "Who used my stapler?" I knew within seconds that it had not been put back exactly as I had it. When people would come into our dorm room looking for paper clips, scizzors, etc. my roommates would say, "Whatever you do don't touch Melissa's desk." I was ridiculously organized. My two little people have cured me of most of my OCD habbits. However, now I can't keep up!

Any and all advice on time management so I have enough time to clean my house and keep it from looking like the first picture is most welcomed. Unless it is "slow down" because that isn't an option.

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