Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The origin of Zombies

Any loyal reader knows already that I love The Walking Dead. 
And due to the severe comment drought on my blog I can only assume that my true and loyal friend, Trena, is likewise my sole loyal reader. If there are others, please come out of the shadows! I want to know you!! If not, well hello, Trena. I hope you're having a good day.

I love zombies, monsters, all things gore! The gore in The Walking Dead is FA-BYU-LUS! But if we're being honest, we all know that's not why I watch it.

Oops. Did I just put that on my blog?. . . 

So, my husband LOVES NPR and especially loves "Science Friday." He listens to it while he's driving, while he is doing the dishes. . .  all the time. Last night he was listening to a review of a book by Matt Kaplan called The Science of Monsters. He had me listen to the portion about zombies, and it was fascinating! 
Here's the jist.

The zombie state of being is a very real thing. It is induced by a powder that, until recently studied, was called "coup de poudre," or "powder strike," by Haitians where the zombie state of being was often seen. The zombie state occurs when this powder enters the blood stream via open wound.

This powder is called tetrodotoxin, or TTX. This is a fatal neurotoxin that is often found on the skin of a pufferfish. When this powder is introduced into the blood stream it paralyzes the person and they appear dead. During this time the person undergoes a psychosis and their memory is completely wiped out. They the "re-awake" with no memory and no knowledge of how to live of function, talk or do basic things. The paralysis leaves them stiff and unanimated. Having no recollection of how to do anything, even speak, they are basically "the walking dead" surviving on only instinct.

The earliest recorded occurance of this dates back to 1800 BC. There are many records of it from Haiti during times of Voodoo and black magic practices which is when it began to morph into the "pop culture" zombiism we are familiar with today. It was said in Haiti that a person could do Voodoo on another person to make them their "slave" by putting them in a zombie state. And that was the beginning of the modern day zombie.
Anyway, I thought that was fascinating and wanted to share it with you all. 

After taking the kids for their first round of trick or treat, it's my husband's turn and now I am on candy duty. I feel a little like Elizabeth Taylor as Amy in the 1949 version of Little Women. There is a part when she goes to help feed that family of poor people. There are a whole slew of little children and Amy has candy for them. She passes it out and every two or three kids she keeps one for herself until all the candy is gone. "One for you, one for you and one for me!" 

Happy Halloween!!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Riding out Sandy.

How are you riding out the storm?
Leave me a comment and tell me how you are preparing for Sandy and what you plan to do if you lose power.

Yesterday I was singing "Sandy" from Grease a lot. It was kind of like my ode to Sandy in hopes that she will just leave me alone.

We are farther inland in Virginia up in the Shenandoah Mountains area. So the actual storm isn't going to impact us as much as the wind and rain will. However, we have a cold front coming in from the west that is going to collide with Sandy's wind and rain and cause lots of power outages, fallen trees, and blizzard like conditions. I don't think my area will suffer from the blizzard, but we are expected to have a lot of snow fall and lose power.

1) My children prepared for the winds last night by putting all their toys in the trampoline.

My five year old son, who is too smart for his own good, explained to me that if his dump truck and tractors "are not sitting on their wheels then the wind will not be able to move them. So all I have to do is turn them on their side." Whatever you say, Isaac Newton.

2) The "L" train. That's my new car. We call it the "L" train. Our last name is Laymon. . .  Anyway, you can see that huge limb in the background of the picture that I am worried is going to fall on my car. It was a concern of mine back in July when we had that Durecho (Or whatever the heck that was). But if I move my car my other neighbor has a massive cherry tree that is half dead, and all those limbs are just crying for a big wind storm to tear them down and a nice shiny new car to fall on. If I move it around the front of the house the likelihood of a tree falling on it nearly doubles. So I am still trying to figure out what to do with my car. I am running out of time though as we are already up to 25 mph winds with wind gusts of up to 50-60 mph. 

3) Power outage. My biggest concern is that the power will go out again for days like it did with that nasty derecho in July. So to prepare for that I worked from 10pm to 7am this morning to use the sewing machine and iron while I still have power. And now I'm a blogging zombie. . .  

I don't need to prepare as far as food, water, batteries and flashlights go. We have always been prepared for that sort of thing. We have a wood burning stove in our house that can be used for heat in the event of a power outage. When I go grocery shopping I think my mind thinks I am feeding the entire world because for some reason I have to buy 50 million of everything I buy. Seriously,  a Sam's club size bag of tater tots is a little superfluous. And two is just down right not necessary. Hmm. . . now that I've said that "out loud" I'm beginning to think I am a food hoarder. Nah. . .  I just like to make sure I have whatever I want on hand. . .  hmm. . .  nope, that doesn't feel right. Maybe I need to add hoarder to my list of physical/mental ailments.

So I'd say we're pretty much set. All phones, ipads, computers, etc are charged. We have more play-doh and "slime" than the average person ought to have. We have firewood. And I have a whole night's sleep to catch up on. Perfect activity for a power outage, in my opinion. And my day's work is done.

When I finished working this morning at 7 am I said, "Take that, Sandy!" And I felt a little like Lt. Dan in Forest Gump cursing the storm when they are out catching shrimp.

I'm so sleep deprived right now I just might wind up on the nightly news doing just this. I'm pretty much running on hopes and dreams right now. And grape zip fizz

What are you doing to prepare for Sandy? If your power goes out what do you plan to do for heat, meals, entertainment for kids, etc?

I have a two and a five year old and would love to hear your ideas on entertaining kids when you are homebound. Last time we had a storm like this our power was out for four days. It was fun, but we could go outside. This storm is going to bring blizzard like conditions, so it is too cold to go outside. What do you all plan to do??? Leave me your ideas in a comment.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

CLEARANCE items blog button

Clearance Items from
Window Treatments by Melissa, LLC

This page will updated weekly.  We will no longer be using weekly blog posts to post about our clearance items. To find our clearance sale items you can click on the "Shop Clearance Items" picture on the right column of the blog and it will take you to this page.

 Items posted here are either returns because they didn't fit right because of incorrect measuring, wrong lining, etc. We also will be using this section to show our "prototypes" to see what people are interested in. The items will be the first trial items in a new product line. All items are new and functional. Any flaws will be noted.

To purchase one of these items email me at and put the name of the item you would like to purchase in the subject line.

Roman Shades

Flat Roman Shade measuring 48" wide by 59" long in Gotcha baby pink and white
Drapery lined
right pull cord
Price: $20.00 Shipping: $15.00
Reason for return: Customer wanted blackout lined

Flat Roman Shade measuring 27.5" wide by 48" long in Blue, Beige and White stripe
Right pull cord
Created by seamstress in training: 
Price: $15.00, shipping: $12.00

Yellow Chipper Premier Prints shade

This shade measures 35" wide by 46" long. It has a right pull cord and is lined in blackout. It is made from Yellow and White Premier Prints Chipper. It is lined in blackout.
I did not end up sending this out after I sewed the Velcro on. The needle pulled up some of the blackout onto the top of the fabric. If you click on the image you can see a closer view. It's not a huge deal and isn't very noticable, as you can see from the image. But if you look up close you can see it. 
PRICE: $25.00
Shipping: $15

Robert Allen Maize Scene in Taupe
 ONE flat roman shade is Robert Allen Maize Scene Taupe measures 42.5" wide by 46" long with Right pull cord.
Drapery lined
Price: $15.00
Shipping: $15 per two shades.

46.5" wide by 53" long Roman Shade in off white/cream linen lined in drapery lining. Currently inside mount, but can be altered to outside for $5.
Quantity ONE
Price: $10 per shade, $15 for shipping.
*Reason for return: dark top stitch thread color. I was hesitant to put these in the clearance sale because I was worried that current or future customers might be concerned that this will happen to their shades. So I wanted to add this disclaimer. This was an unfortunate error in judgement on part of our seamstress. She is no longer with us. However, her work is outstanding and while the top stitch thread color may be slightly darker than the fabric the overall construction of the shade is stellar. Though there was a misjudgment of color in these shades, her work would be a great addition to anyone's home. Close view of thread on fabric in picture on left.

 Flat Roman Shade, made from knock off Imperial Trellis. Color: citrine, fabric: polyester. Quantity: ONE It measures 22.5" wide by 35.5" long.
PRICE:  $10, plus $15 for shipping 
*Reason for return: Client measured window incorrectly, shade does not fit.

ONE FLAT ROMAN SHADE measuring 24" wide by 60" long lined with BLACKOUT in Robert Allen Dwell Dot in gray.
PRICE: $25, shipping: $15 
*Reason for return: Client measured window incorrectly, shade does not fit.

Place mats, Table Runners, Napkins
Set of four doublesided placemats with matching table runner. 
Runner measures: approximately 15" wide by 54" long
Place mats measure approximately 20" wide by 15" long
Made from a medium weight jacquard fabric and are reversible.


Set of four place mats with matching napkins in Premier Prints Zig Zag in Village Blue and Natural

Place mats measure aprox. 20" wide by 15" long
Napkins are aprox an 18" square


Set of six place mats with matching napkins in Premier Prints Lulu in Summerland (gray and yellow)

Place mats aprox. 20" wide by 15" long 
napkins aprox. 18" square

PRICE: $20, Shipping: $5

Set of FOUR place mats in heavy weight home decor fabric.

each measures aprox. 20" wide by 15" tall
Colors are burgundy red, gold with blue turquoise and yellow butterflies.
sorry for the upside down picture. . . 
PRICE: $10, Shipping: $5

Set of four place mats with matching table runner in rust red/gold irridescent medium weight home decor fabric.
Runner measure aprox. 14" x 54"
place mats measure aprox. 14" x 20"

PRICE: $18, shipping: $5

Pillow Covers

Set of 18" zipper closure pillow covers with 3/16" piping. SET OF TWO
PRICE: $20, Shipping: $5

ONE 14" x 27" lumbar zipper closure pillow cover with 3/16" piping. This beauty is such a steal because my seam ripper got away from me and made a tiny hole in the corner on one side. That is what the second closer picture is.
PRICE: $5, Shipping: $5

12" x 16" Premier Prints Taupe/Robin
Same Fabric both sides, envelope closure
$6, $5 shipping
OR ONE 18" square: $8

Bella Porte Charcoal 17" square (will fit a 16"
form or 18" snuggly)
Envelope closure, same fabric both sides

Orange flowers, medium weight home decor fabric
set of TWO. 18" square (there is a 20" form in the
cover, so that is why it looks overstuffed).
$8, shipping $5

ONE 16" square Premier Prints envelope pillow cover
in village blue/natural
$6, $5 shipping

Robert Allen Maize Scene in Taupe
envelope closure, same fabric both sides
available in:
TWO 16" square: $5/cover
ONE 20" square: $7
TWO 12" x 16" lumbar: $5/cover
Shipping $5
Set of TWO 16" envelope closure pillow covers
in Bella Porte Citrine
Same fabric both sides
$18, $5 for shipping
OR ONE 12" x 16" lumbar: $8
OR one 12" square: $6

Premier Prints accord stripe in red/linen color way
on linen fabric.
envelope closure, same fabric both sides
ONE 16" sqaure
ONE 12" square envelope closure pillow cover
Richloom Solarium "Pool"
$2, $5 shipping
ONE 14" square: $2

Slub corn yellow and white chipper
TWO 14" x 26" lumbar
envelope closure
same fabric both sides

Waverly lattice in blue
envelope closure
same fabric both sides
available in 14" square: $5
or 12" x 18" lumbar: $6
Shipping: $5

Waverly Chip n dale Moss 12" x 16" lumbar
evelope closure
same fabric both sides
Picture is sideways, sorry :/ Yours truly is affectionately referred to as "technologically challenged." 
ONE 12" envelope closure pillow cover in Lulu Summerland (gray and yellow).
PRICE: $3 Shipping: $5

ONE SET OF TWO 18" envelope closure pillow cover in Lulu Summerland (gray and yellow).
PRICE: $12, Shipping: $5

. . . sideways. . .  
ONE 12" x 18" lumbar envelope closure pillow cover in Lulu Summerland (gray and yellow)
Price: $8, Shipping: $5

Set of TWO 18" ZIPPER closure pillow covers with 3/16" piping in P.Kaufman indoor/outdoor fabric. Colors brown and cream. 
PRICE: $12, Shipping: $5

This set of pillow covers fits a 14" pillow form.
They are both made from Premier Prints
in Zebra Breeze.
Set: $8, plus $5 for shipping
SET OF TWO 12" pillow covers in
Shumacher zebra in the colorway Dune,
zipper closure.
 Set: $8, plus $5 for shipping

Two 16" blue/tan suzani envelope pillow covers
$10 for set, $6 for shipping

ONE Duralee Mateo in Black and White 12" x 16" envelope pillow cover
$8, $5 for shipping

ONE 12" x 18" Suzani envelope closure pillow cover
$8, $5 for shipping

12" x 18" Premier Prints Traditions in Girly Blue envelope closure pillow cover
$8/cover, $5 for shipping
Quantity: TWO

ONE 12" x 16" Premier Prints Suzani Village blue/brown envelop pillow cover
$8, $5 for shipping

ONE 20" envelop pillow cover Suzani Village blue/brown
Price: $8, Shipping, $5

14" Ikat zebra envelope pillow cover
$5, $5 for shipping.

12" Duralee Raspberry envelope pillow cover
$4, $5 for shipping

Set of two 16" envelope closure covers in green and white paisley (lime green)
$5, $5 for shipping

SET of two floral 12" envelope closure pillow covers
$3, $5 for shipping

12" x 16", polyester rust and orange chain pillow cover
$4, $5 for shipping

Rust and orange chain pillow available in the following sizes'
12": $4
14": $ 5
20": $6
One of each
$5 for shipping each if purchased individually. Multiple purchases will be decided on a case by case basis.

TWO 14" x14" and ONE 12" x 16" envelope pillow covers will
fit 14 x" 14 and 12" x 16" pillow forms. The fabric is 55% linen
and 45% Rayon. Set: $5, plus $5 for shipping

This set of TWO envelope pillow covers
are made from 100% cotton/canvas in
red with gold floral. Set: $5
plus $5 for shipping
18" Storm Gray and Bella Pink Gotcha zipper closure pillow cover with white piping around the bella pink stripe and bella pink 3/8" piping around the sides. stripe is on both sides. Lines up perfectly on right side, but not on left.
Price: $10, shipping: $5

12" x16" lumbar emvelope closure pillow cover in Ash slub and corn yellow slub zig zag. Yellow corn slub stripe only on one side, outlined with white piping. Corn yellow zig zag 3/8" piping around pillow edge.
Price: $10, Shipping: $5

18" zipper closure pillow cushion enhanced with gold decorative trim. Fabric is upholstery weight floral. Price: $18, shipping: $5
12" zipper closure pillow cushion enhanced with pink decorative trim. Fabric is upholstery weight floral.
Price: $12, shipping: $5


Curtains and Valances

ONE Hidden tab curtain panel 80" long lined in BLACKOUT in white/corn yellow slub with fabric flaw. There is a small black mark on the fabric up at the very top left.
Price: $15, shipping $10

Khanjali Peacock Valance 15" long

Price: $10, shipping: $5

(Image sideways, Stripes are vertical). Terrace Gate Stripe in baby pink. 54" wide medium weight home decor fabric.
$5/yard. 15 yards available. We will do custom cuts on this item so please include the amount of yardage you would like in your email inquiry.

White polka dots on lemon yellow 54" wide home decor medium weight fabric.
$5/yard. 30 yards available.

Children's upholstery weight fabric: Cars, trucks, airplanes, cars, boats. 54" wide. yellow, green, blue.
Price: $5/yard. 35 yards available.

Brown and Green Striped Indoor/Outdoor fabric. Medium weight fabric 54" wide. $5/yard. 10 yards available.

Blue and gold Scrolls. 54" wide medium weight home decor fabric. (Image is sideways. The stripes and scrolls actually horizontal). 
$5 per yard, 30 yards available. Will do custom cuts of yardage. Please include  the amount of yardage you would like in your email inquiry.

 Brown Dots 54" wide medium weight home decor fabric.
$5/yard. Will do custom cut yardage on this order as we have lots in stock. Please include how much yardage you would like when inquiring via email.

Zebra stripe medium weight home decor fabric 54" wide.
$5/yard. We have at least 50 yards of this in stock, so when inquiring please include how much yardage you would like.

Fabric Scraps


ONE USPS medium flat rate box full of Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis scraps. Great for piping, pillow covers, lamp shades, scrap booking and other small craft projects. Colors: Citrine, Treillage and Mandarin.
$18, $12 for shipping

ONE USPS Medium Flat Rate box of Robert Allen Dwell Studio, Waverly,  Good for small crafts, piping, pillow covers lamp shades or other small projects.
$9, $12 for shipping.

ONE USPS Medium Flat Rate Box full of Premier Prints Facbric Scraps. Variety of colors and patterns is good for small crafts, piping, pillow covers, lamp shades and other small projects.
$9, $12 for shipping.

Wall Paper
Schumacher Wallpaper Summer Palace Fret - Smoke. 4.5 yards per roll. Normally listed at $65/roll.

Quantity: FIVE at $32.50 per roll, plus $10 for shipping.

1) All sales are final. No returns. No refunds.
2) Items will sell on a payment received basis. Items will not be held. Whomever pays for the item first will receive them.
3) All items are sold as is. In cases such as curtains or roman shades, alterations can be made before the item is shipped.
a) Curtains: The only alterations that will be made to curtains are length, width or to add hidden tabs. We will not be adding or removing lining in this instance. Alterations will have an additional fee. The fee will be decided on a case by case basis.
b)Roman shades: The only alterations that will be made to roman shades are the length and mount. They can be shortened and can be made to be inside mount or outside mount. Additional fees will be charged for these alterations on a case by case basis.
4) All items in this sale are ready to ship and will ship via USPS priority mail at purchasers expense.
5) ALL Pillow covers are NOT sold with inserts. Covers only.
6) Poufs may be sold with or without filling. Please specify.
7) All purchases will be made via paypal invoice.

1) ALL Roman Shades have cord locks.
2) ALL pillow covers have same fabric front and back.
3) The pillow cover are sold as covers only, no inserts.

Just write me an email at windowsbymelissa at and put the name of the item you would like to purchase in the subject line.