Thursday, June 28, 2012

Horizontal Stripe Fabric coming to Window Treatments by Melissa!

Alright. I did it. Horizontal Stripe fabric with 8" widths coming to Window Treatments by Melissa. Place your order today.

Get your horizontal stripe fabric here.

Topsy Turvy


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Horizontal Stripe Fabric: Seeking Input

I have people all. the. time. ask me where to find horizontal stripe fabric. We always end up making our own by sewing two fabrics together. For a while now I have been exploring the option of starting my own line of textiles. Before I pull the trigger on this I wanted to get some thoughts and opinions from all of my readers.

If I print my own home decor fabric with 12" horizontal stripes, would it be of interest to anyone? It's quite expensive to print, so I don't know yet if I am ready to invest in it yet. I have made some samples to send to the fabric printers and wanted to share them with you. Do you like any of these? Would you use it? To make it worth printing I would have to charge $36/yard at the very least :/ But that's because I am buying the best of the best material to print it on :) I won't do anything less! So if someone isn't willing to pay $36/yard I won't go down to a cheaper fabric to make it more cost affective. I just won't print at all. I only work with the best of the best!

Here are some of the options that would be available. Tell me which ones you like and what you would use them for.

Black and White

Gray and White

Navy and White

Yellow and White

Chartreuse and White

Pink and White

What combinations would you like to see?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Mom Designs Fabric Store

We are proud to present to our readers a special find in the etsy world. We recently discovered Elvina from New Mom Designs. I came across her shop and was sucked in by all the unique fabrics. I sruck around for a while looking at all the bright colors and different patterns only to discover that SHE MAKES THE DESIGNS HERSELF!

I am absolutely in LOVE with the bold shades of orange and gray in her versions of the chevron stripe. You can either by them by the fat quarter OR by the yard.

And some of my personal favorites

Clover Flower, Blue Cotton
Art Deco Tulip

Magical Fruit

Any of New Mom Designs fabrics will add color and style to your home. Check out her shop and see what you can find!!

Almost everything from her shop is suitable for window treatments.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pick your own giveaway!

I loved the turn out we got for our "pick your own giveaway." So I'm doing it again!!

Giveaway is exclusively for blog followers!

Enter one comment for each entry. Three possible ways to enter.

1) In a comment, tell us what you would choose if you were the winner.
2) Refer a friend to our blog.
3) Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or other public media.

The Giveaways!

1) Free labor on ONE Flat Roman Shade with a max width of 36" and a max length of 45".

2) A set of unlined Rod Pocket Panels in yellow Zig Zag up to 84" in length.

3) 50% off an 24" KW Imperial Trellis Pouf!

4) An 18" envelope closure pillow cover in YOUR CHOICE of any of the designer fabrics available at Decorate23!!

Click here to view fabric options.

The giveaway will run until midnight ET July 3rd. Good luck! We look forward to hearing from all of you!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Window Treatments for a sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors can be awkward. The one size fits all drapes you find at the store come in 84" length or 96". One is usually too short and the other is too long. And with a standard 50" width you aren't left with much fullness.

The first thing to consider when deciding on treatments for a sliding glass door is their function: Do you want them for decoration or to block out light?

Next you will need to consider any potential damage that might be done by pets or children going in an out of the door. My first thought was my children coming in from the backyard after eating popsicles and grabbing the door frame where curtains might hang. Yikes!

If the latter is a concern for you then you may want to consider top traetments only: a valance or a cornice board. Here are some ideas:

Cornice Board

If children grabbing at door frames and curtains with messy hands or dogs coming in from out of the rain and getting mud on curtain panels is not a concern for you then you can consider drapery panels. I have found two ideal situations for sliding glass doors in my few years experience. 90" seams to be the ideal length for a sliding glass door. But in some cases there isn't room between the window and the ceiling, or some sliding glass doors have a transom above the door that won't all you to hang a curtain rod. In these cases I have found that hanging a track panel from your ceiling works nicely to hang flat panels from.

Here are some ideas:

Mount the track on the ceiling and attach th curtain with ring clips.

And of course, if space allows, hang a curtain rod.

And if blocking light is your primary concern, add blackout to your panels.

If you want both privacy and light blocking but not necessarily at the same, consider hanging a first layer of sheers and a second of panels with blackout liner.

We can do any of the above! Just send us an email to to get your custom order started or contact us through our etsy shop.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

All work and no play. . .

makes Melissa's blog a dull read.

When my husband was in law school I noticed these pictures up in several people's carrel's to remind them not to study all the time. I'm going to put one up in my workspace. I am a self proclaimed work-a-holic. I get that from my dad. I spend all day with my children, now that school is out. Then I work all night creating beautiful window dressings. Sleep is for the birds.

In an effort to make up for the time I spent in Arizona with my family following my grandmother's death, I have been working round the clock. We even managed to decrease our turnaround time by two weeks! I was able to accomplish this great feat amidst a very busy few weeks. We've had a few additions to the Window Treatments by Melissa family.

This is baby Gwendalyn Rose.
She was born on June 13th and is the daughter of Neal and Krista Butler. Krista makes our ready to purchase/ship pillow covers in our shop.

This is Paul.
He was born on the 17th AT HOME! Way to go Becky! He is the son of Bryan and Becky Gentry. Becky makes some of our custom flat/classic roman shades. Bryan made our website.

And the newest addition to my family

Rainbow. (Yes, my five year old son named our black cat Rainbow). We went to Petsmart on Saturday just to see what all the comotion was about. The local SPCA had tons of cats there on sale because they ran out of room at the SPCA. The volunteer said that all the cats were going today. And I said, "Wow! You have adopters for all of them?!" And she said, "Let me put it this way. They aren't going back to the SPCA." My heart sank. So of course I had to adopt one. And she is a great addition to the family and is getting along marvelously with our other cat, Ruby.

THEN we had a huge rain storm that flooded the basement, which is where my work shop is.

We called this, "Operation: Save the fabric."

And thank goodness the sun shines a dog's rump every once in a while because my work space remained untouched. Every other part of the basement, on the other hand, experienced severe damage. This set me back about two days.

NOWNOWNOW If you have put up with my ranting thus far, I plan to reward you handsomely.
As we are now back in full swing, we are doing what we love best: Recreating what you want at a reasonable price.

A client asked me to recreate this beauty:

The Harper Roman Shade from Pottery Barn Kids.

Here is ours:

(I hope to have a better image soon. Our display block worked well with our old style shades, but it is not condusive to our new safety cord system and creates some funky puckering that normally isn't there. So bear with us. It's all in the name of safety)!

Depending on the size of the shade, our prices range from $130-$200. You have the option of doing a blackout liner upgrade as well.

All this weekend we are offering a coupong for 25% off these beauties!!! Get yours today by leaving a comment here telling us what ribbon color you would choose from The Ribbon Retreat.

AND if you get a friend to follow our blog we'll even throw in free shipping! We're practically giving them away!! Everyone needs one of these in their home.

Coupon code: TWENTYFIVE

What color ribbon would you choose? I'm partial to the greens, myself. Looking forward to hearing from you all!!!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picking colors that coordinate with your hardwood floors

Picking a color scheme to coordinate with your hardwood floors

Picking a color scheme can be overhwelming. There are many options and it can be hard to know which one is right. Start with the color of your floors. This will help to eliminate the wrong colors and focus on the right ones.

Begin by deciding what color your hardwood floors are. To do this correctly you need to look at your floors as another color in the room. Are they yellow, red or brown?

Yellow hardwood floors contain golden and tan tones and undertones. 

Red hardwood floors include orange and dark brown undertones.
Brown hardwood floors, like red, have dark brown undertones, but they also have grey.

Wood floors add a significant amount of color as they are. So selecting a coordinating paint or fabric color you should pick one that works in contrast with the wood floor. Avoid trying to make a color match the floor. This creates an overbearing feeling in the room.

Yellows and reds (with an orange base or undertones) work well with warm colors. Browns and reds with darker brown base and undertone work well with cool colors.

Oak: light colors, pale colors, pastels, neutrals
Traditions in pink & chocolate brown
Stripes and Dots in Sunny Yellow

Suzani in WIsteria


Ebony: lighter shades of dark colors i.e, gray
Imperial Trellis II in Java
Annie Diamond in Gray

Pine: bold warm colors: sage greens, a deep brown, lemon yellow, red
Imperial Trellis in Treillage
Large Chevron Stripe in Sunny Yellow

Towers Greek Key in Red
Cherry: light brown or neutral brown, blues, greens, or red (reds with a brown base as opposed to an orange base).
Imperial Trellis in Natural
Ching Mei Dragon in China Blue

Emerald Cut Mink and Ivory

Of course, all of these ideas apply to paint colors as well. But if you are renting and are not able to change wall color, consider the fabric options above as an alternative to adding complimenting colors to your space.

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