Thursday, June 28, 2012

Horizontal Stripe Fabric: Seeking Input

I have people all. the. time. ask me where to find horizontal stripe fabric. We always end up making our own by sewing two fabrics together. For a while now I have been exploring the option of starting my own line of textiles. Before I pull the trigger on this I wanted to get some thoughts and opinions from all of my readers.

If I print my own home decor fabric with 12" horizontal stripes, would it be of interest to anyone? It's quite expensive to print, so I don't know yet if I am ready to invest in it yet. I have made some samples to send to the fabric printers and wanted to share them with you. Do you like any of these? Would you use it? To make it worth printing I would have to charge $36/yard at the very least :/ But that's because I am buying the best of the best material to print it on :) I won't do anything less! So if someone isn't willing to pay $36/yard I won't go down to a cheaper fabric to make it more cost affective. I just won't print at all. I only work with the best of the best!

Here are some of the options that would be available. Tell me which ones you like and what you would use them for.

Black and White

Gray and White

Navy and White

Yellow and White

Chartreuse and White

Pink and White

What combinations would you like to see?


  1. Love the idea! I'm pretty sure you'll have plenty of purchasers because like you have figured out, no one makes horizontal statement stripe fabric! I'm still shocked that it's impossible to find. The tricky part is definitely the price tag...if you can get it into stores or do a really impressive marketing tactic so that the second someone searches "horizontal stripe fabric" your comes up, I think you'll do great! I will definitely suggest it to clients:)
    I would possible throw in a coral or peach stripe too for those not so into pink people.

    1. Alright. Consider it done! Send them my way!!

  2. Did you ever get your own line? I am currently looking for curtains with navy and white wide horizontal stripes for my nursery. I am due in January.

  3. I'm looking for the pink and white! DO IT!!!

  4. I am looking for the bold black and white horizontal stripe fabric for valances for my kitchen. Can't afford to upgrade to all the stainless steel appliances yet and it's a nice way to tie in my black appliances.