Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Need some help with Monkey Toile Fabric

As some of you know, I am currently in Arizona with my extended family due to the passing of my grandmother. Whenever I lose someone I have myself what I call, "Denial Day." When you are so overcome with grief and sadness and overwhelmed by all the feelings that come with death that your body just can't handle anymore, you just need to take a day to pretend none of it ever happened. In this case, my denial day was a day spent at Home Fabrics, a discount home decor fabrics store near my mom's house in Mesa, Az. They carry so many designer prints at amazing deals. So every time I visit I go there and stock up.

I came across some most unusual fabric. I just HAD to have it. I needed it. (My husband just loves when I tell him I need things). So I needed this fabric because I have never seen anything like it in all of my many years of sewing. It is a Toile fabric. AND it is MONKEYS! Monkey Toile! I have no idea what to use it for or even if I like it! But I had to have it because I know I'll never see anything like it again!

So here is where you come in. First, would you use this fabric in your home? If so, what for? Pillows? Curtains? Pot holders/hot pads? Placemats? Seat coushion? Toilet paper? (<---I am open to all opinions ;)). They still have the entire bolt of it because obviously this is geared toward a very specific audience. I bought a few yards, but if there is anyone out there that might actually like this and make good use of it I will certainly go buy more and make it available in the shop.

Please share this, pin it, etc!

It's blue and white, but the blue leans more toward teal, but still in the shade of blue family.

Please leave a comment here and let me know your thoughts! I can't wait to hear! If you think you might use this fabric or know someone who could, mention this post in the shop and we'll give you a discount. I am just so excited about htis fabric find!!


  1. This is brilliant!! Such an unusual take on a traditional print!

  2. I really do NEED this fabric! I'm sewing lavender bags as favours for my wedding coming up at the end of this year- the venue is a place called "Monkey Island". It's very old with strange pictures just like this in the roof of the main room. I don't suppose you have any left do you? I see I'm very late responding to the post!

    1. I do still have it!!! How do I get in touch with you?

    2. I've responded to one of your posts on google+!