Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giveaway Tuesday!

. . .  forgot to post this. Classic, Melissa.

I love give away Tuesday! I love to hear from my viewers and readers! And I love to give back!

A set of two 20" Ash Gray Zig Zag pillow covers!

ONE ENTRY per number:
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Good luck! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

Reupholster your dining room chairs!

This project doesn't take long. I think it should take about 30 minutes per chair from start to finish. But if you have a big helper, otherwise known as a helpful two year old, plan on taking hhhoooouuuuurrrrsss.
This is what the final product looks like a la my big helper ;)

The chair:
My big helper and her five year old brother are responsible for the condition of the upholstery on this chair ;)

First you will need to select a fabric that is appropriate for this project. You will need to select a heavy weight home decor upholstery fabric.

Then you will need to acquire your materials:
1) Fabric cutting scissors, 2) philips heads AND flat head screw drivers, 3) heavy duty stapler, 4) extra staples.

Then you will turn the chair over on its side to remove the seat cushion.

Using your Phillips Head Screw driver, remove the screws holding the seat cushion to the chair base.

Then use your flat head screw driver to remove the fabric from the cushion. You will be using this piece as your pattern to cut the appropriate sized piece for the cushion.

After you have used the old fabric to cut your new piece, place the cushion on the fabric and begin stapling.
Start with the sides. You will want to staple all the sides first pulling the fabric tightly.

The corners will end up looking something like this afterwards:

You will first clip off the excess, then cut a slit in remaining piece from the top to just before the base of the cushion.

Then you will tuck the remaining corner pieces under each other and staple.

Finished cushion

Then screw the cushion back on! And Voila! New Dining room chairs!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Calling all crafty/talented/giving people. . . HELP!

I need some help. Some of you may remember our sponsor family from July, Adam. Adam's grandmother watches my kids for me while I work if they aren't in school. I have just come from dropping off my daughter and heard that he was denied medicaid. IF YOU READ THIS it is plain to see that Adam needs help. And so does his family who are all joining together to help care for him.

It's no secret that the government is a little busy with other things right now and that it is left up to us to care for each other. Anyone who knows me knows that I would adopt every animal at the SPCA, buy every hungry person a hamburger and give everyone a job! My seamstresses know that there have been months that I went without paying myself for my work so that I could make sure they were paid. I don't say this to toot my own horn, but to just let you know who I am as a person and come to you for help. I have spread myself too thin trying to help everyone.

I am coming to you all for help because I know there are so many people out there willing to help and don't know how.

Adam has outgrown his stroller and this makes it near impossible to take him to his doctor's appointments, school, etc. It is going to cost around $1,000 to get him his new chair. I would like to hold an online auction. If there are any etsy vendors, crafty people or talented people that might be able to donate an item, a gift certificate for a lesson or session donating the time of your talent (photography, etc) of if you just want to make a donation please email me at windowsbymelissa at

We will put all the items together on this blog and possibly on Facebook and hold an online auction between Friday September 21 and it will end at midnight on Monday September 24. I think we will end up doing it on Facebook where everyone can submit their bids as comments of the photos of the item.

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU if you are going to donate an item:
1) Picture: please send one picture that has as much detail of the item as possible.
2) Detailed description of the item.
3) What you will charge for shipping for the item. The buyer will be responsible for the shipping cost.

And that's it! Very easy to help someone out!!! Please help on this one. I can't do this all by myself, and this is something this family really needs.

Window Treatments by Melissa, LLC will match every dollar raised in the auction (excluding individual donations that do not come from a bid on a specific item). 

As I start receiving items I will create an album on the Windows By Melissa Facebook Page for the items to be viewed. If you can't donate and item it would still be helpful to share the album on various social media networks so we can get the word out for anyone who may want to participate in donating an item or participate in the auction itself.

Please help. 
windowsbymelissa at

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home Remodel in Las Vegas

This is a remodel my cousin did. I had to show it because it is amazing. This is done in Las Vegas. If anyone in the Las Vegas area needs some work done before sure to contact Michael Richards.


The Plan:


The entire remodel is just stunning. But I actually wanted to focus on this. I was looking at model homes in Arizona last month and I noticed almost all of them had these entry ways that weren't a part of any other room in the house. In my current house you open the door and walk straight into the living room. So I picked a house that I wanted to buy and it had an entry way similar to this one. I tried to figure out how to decorate it and was having a hard time. It is a separate room, and yet a part of the front of the house. So how do I give a feeling of separation while also making it flow with the rest of the house?

There isn't much room for furniture, I don't want to put up a whole lot of artwork in the small space but I wanted it to have a decoration of some kind that would make it feel like it's own space.

This is a picture of the house I want:

The second garage on the left is actually a Casita, or "Mother in law suite," that I plan to use for my work space. The entry way is similar to the one in Michael's remodel except it is rectangular. I definitely plan to do something like what Michael added to the entry way. I love the dark and bold colors. They are eye catching and the pattern is very attractive. 

It reminds of Suzani:

Too cool.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Carrying our own fabric!

We are now carrying our own fabric. Of course, this does not limit you to our options.

Here are some we have in stock. Click on the pictures for the details of each fabric if any of them interest you. You can also just buy the yardage, it doesn't have to be purchased for Window Treatment Use. There is a lot more to view in our shop. We are still in the process of listing our fabrics so check back often.