Sunday, August 12, 2012

Funny Story

For anyone who wants to know more about yours truly, here is a post for you.

When I was in college I majored in English and had (and still have) the plan to write a fun love story. So I would tell my roommates stories all the time, or just things that had happened to me that day and they would often say, "You could put that in a movie!" My life is one big "you could put that in a movie." It's probably just because I love to tell (and embellish) stories of every day life.

So here is the story of my day, and I promise, I did not embellish.

Allow me to paint the scene.

This is Miriam, my fiery, spunky two year old.

To give you an idea of Miriam's personality, my son, Joshua, suggests that I try speaking sign language or some other language because she doesn't listen to us when we speak to her in English. 

This is toilet paper, Miriam's toy of choice for this week. One morning she unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet and flushed it. So I woke up to:
Joshua: Mom, Miriam flushed a lot of toilet paper down the toilet.
Me: Miriam, did you do that?
Miriam: (nodding head up and down) Yes!

So, I ran the washing machine first thing in the morning as I started my day. And the drain in the basement backed up. This creates a miserable work environment as my work space is in the basement. (Don't worry, it's not near the drain, so don't be concerned about your projects). (And that is my husband in the picture. I made him clean it).

Needless to say, I had to call the plumber for an emergency visit.

 I have been very busy lately and keeping my desk clean has not been a priority.  My desk is in the picture below. Yes, I am watching Sixteen Candles. So, my tv is on top of a printer (yep, I'm rockin' the old school VHS player). So normally I just set my lap top in front of my printer. But that space is currently occupied by many cans of diet coke, a huge club size package of gum and matches. . . ??? Don't know why I have matches there. . . . So I often just stick my lap top where ever is a convenient place for me to respond to emails.

On this lovely day I had my lap top on the ironing board. So the plumber came and did his thing. And it just so happened that he was very, very good looking.

I handed him his check for an obscene amount of money and had a thought. So of course, I had to put my thoughts on Facebook. As I was typing this status update, "I think they send the cute plumbers to the housewives because it is easier to hand them large amounts of money." And as I was moving the mouse to push "update" the plumber was behind me there at the ironing board. I was standing in front of the ironing board at the computer and he was right next to my desk chair there in the picture. He had forgotten to give me my receipt. Had no clue he had walked back in the basement.

How awesome am I?!?!?!

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