Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Affordable Alternatives

Affordable Alternatives to Popular Window Treatment Styles

There are some alternatives to get the look you want at nearly half the price! Consider the following alternatives if you are on a tight budget.

Option one: The Roman Shade
Roman Shades tend to get pricey for two reasons: 1) There are a lot of materials that go into making a roman shade that can really add up. They require a mounting block, cording, dowel rods, Velcro, eye hooks and that's in addition to the fabric, lining and thread. 2) They are also expensive because all of those materials take a lot of time to assemble and so the labor cost can be expensive depending on the size of the shade.

Alternative: Non Functional Roman Shade
If you just want the look of a roman but don't need to raise and lower it then consider getting a non functioning shade. A non functioning shade does not require the cord lock, cording system and eye hooks. As a result of fewer materials needed to be assembled the labor cost is also less.

Option: Pinch Pleat Curtains
Pinch Pleat curtains are costly because, depending on the desired width of the curtains, they can require up to three times as much fabric as a standard curtain panel. And, like the Roman Shade, more material means more time and more labor and more dollars!

Alternative: Hidden Tab Panels

Hidden Tab Panels pleat just like Pinch Pleats, but they only require one width of fabric instead of three. Less material=less labor=less money.

Option: Greek Key Ribbon Shade
We are extremely detailed and careful with our Greek Key Ribbon design Roman shades. We do not apply the ribbon with fabric glue (except in the case of using 1/4" wide ribbon on small curtains). First we draw the design on the shade carefully measuring so that the ribbon is equally inset on all sides. Then we measure and cut each piece of ribbon and pin it to the design we have drawn on the fabric. Then we sew it to the fabric.
THEN we have to make that into a roman shade. These run around $200+ in our shop because of the significant amount of time spent on them.

Alternative: Greek Key curtains
The first curtain is a small cafe style curtain that went in a client's bathroom and the second are bedroom curtains. The labor on these is still significant as we have to draw the design on the fabric, pin the ribbon then sew it. But we avoid the task of having to then assemble a roman shade. So that will cut the labor cost in half of that of a shade. 

If you are on a tight decorating budget take time to explore all your options and be creative. Don't settle. If there is a look you are trying to achieve just ask your interior designer or feel free to shoot me an email to discuss your options. There is always an option! 

Greek Key curtain picture and Hidden Tab Panel picture from JWS Interiors.
All other photos from The Roman Shade Store.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pillow Design Education

Pillow Designs

I get a lot of requests for standard square pillow covers. 

For anyone who might not be aware, here are different pillow cover styles.

Standard Square
Cover from Decorate23

A standard square can be made in either an envelope closure or a zipper closure.

Square with piped edge

(These covers are available for purchase in our clearance section).

A standard square with piping can also be made with zipper closure or envelope closure 

This pillow came from the shop Hinshelwood de Borman Homeware It's out of country, but this pillow is so lovely it is a shop worth considering).

This pillow cover style is best done in envelope closure.
Square Box Cushion

This cushion is typically made with a foam insert and is made with a zipper closure or Velcro closure.

Round Box Cushion

Picture from Nilima Home Furnishings

This is just like the square cushion and is best closed with a zipper or Velcro.

Bolster Pillow with Piped Edges

From Festive Home Decor

While a standard square may suffice in most places, consider other options for your space. The small details may make a big difference in your space and add character. And now, when you request a custom pillow cover you can ask for the style by name.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Contact me Black Friday coupon winners!

Hello, Black Friday coupon winners. I have attempted to contact some of you but your email was either not left in your comment or your profiles are not public. Please email me at to claim your coupon!



Friday, November 23, 2012



50% off to the first five comments!

May be used in the clearance section or on custom orders.

Must be redeemed before the end of the year. May not be put toward expedited for holiday order. Applies to labor and not materials, parts or fabric to make the treatments.

What will you use it on?

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giveaway Tuesday birthday winner!!! And Thanksgiving traditions and mishaps!



Please contact me at so that I can get you the details.

Well, our busy Thanksgiving season has come to an end. We got out all of our Thanksgiving orders and are all now enjoying our Thanksgiving holiday with family. I have traveled to the Philadelphia area to my sister in law's house. I have been reflecting on Thanksgivings passed and found myself cracking up! 

I want to hear your Thanksgiving traditions, stories, mishaps, etc.

The one that really got me laughing was a Thanksgiving from my childhood.

This is me with my siblings Thanksgiving of 2004. This is me Four Score and 35 pounds ago. . .  or as I like to call it, BC: Before Children.

We used to have Thanksgiving at my Aunt and Uncle's house because my Aunt's mom would come from the "old people's home" and I think she got less confused if she could come to my aunt's house.

Now, this is something we still laugh about to this day because she still does this at every family gathering and every event. She has "Aunt Bethany" moments from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

"Don't throw me down, Clark! Are we at the airport, Clark?"

So we always start the meal with a blessing. And my Dad or my uncle usually offer the blessing. One year my dad was offering the blessing and my aunt's mom talked through the whole thing. But she didn't just say anything. She said, "I smoked during my whole pregnancy with {her} (my aunt). You could do that sort of thing then! I had to quit smoking because of my colon rectal doctor!" I remember looking over at my dad trying to get through the blessing. He covered his mouth with his hand and tried to pull his face downward from below his eyes so he wouldn't be caught laughing or smiling. He kept saying, "ugh, we're grateful for family and ugh, umm. whoooooo. We're grateful for the meal, and ugh, ummm, sheesh. For family. and uh, ummm. . . . Amen." 

So funny! I cracked up just writing about it. 

I want to hear your funny stories and your traditions!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Giveaway Tuesday!

Happy Birthday to Giveaway Tuesday!

I have been absent from my blog for a while. I've been sick. :( But also, it is our busiest time of year and I am just getting these holiday order out as fast as I can! 

Normally I try to ship one order a weekday. This is everything I've completed since yesterday morning!
So I am super duper busy right now. This is just my work. My seamstresses have also been completing and shipping out orders.

I may not return to my blog until around Thanksgiving, but I couldn't let today pass with a Giveaway Tuesday post as it is Giveaway Tuesday's FIRST birthday.

Giveaway Tuesday was a significant change in business for me and I wanted to tell you a little about it, and thus a little about myself.

Our first giveaway was a set of 16" village blue/natural zig zag pillow covers!

 I started the sponsor program where we help families in need about a year ago in Sepetmeber. I made my seamstresses aware of this program. Their response was (direct quote): "I was wondering if you could tell us how you pay us? I just want to make sure it is fair." I think they thought the money for donations would be coming out of their checks or something. But anyway, this was a huge blow to me. I was hurt. After I had given them work, paid them in advance and given them bonuses and then they accused me of not being fair, I was so hurt. 

Following this event they quit taking the funds I had paid in advance and left without completing their work. I basically lost all faith in humanity at this point. I remember thinking to myself, "That's the last time I try to help someone out!" But I knew that wasn't right. I knew that I wanted to help people and to give. This all happened on my birthday last year. My birthday is on the 16th, which fell on a Tuesday last year.

I was just beside myself. I really felt like I didn't ever want to do anything for anyone ever again. But I knew that would only make me bitter. So immediately, to counteract that thought, I posted a giveaway to our Facebook followers to win a set of 16" village blue/natural pillow covers from us!

As people would leave comments to enter the giveaway I started to learn so much. People would say things like, "I've been eyeing these for a long time and just don't have the extra funds." Or "My mom would love these!" And it got me thinking that I could give a little more to make someone's day a little better. So we started doing it weekly! To give designer decor to those who normally can't afford it, or who also want to share it with someone to make someone else happy during these very difficult and trying times in our economy. It's hard to think about others and giving thoughtful gifts to others when you are just tryring to keep your own head above water.

We started venturing away from pillow covers and moving up to valances (above) and other window coverings. This gave us an opportunity to try out new patterns and give away our "prototypes" to people who might have the money to have one custom made.

My point in telling you the Giveaway Tuesday story is so that you will all know that this is an effort from us to share and provide even just a little happiness to brighten someone's day in these financially difficult times.

So born from a complete crap hole of a mess, pretty much the worst day of my life,  Giveaway Tuesday continues on today! I love it each time I do it, from the first one I've done up to today!

We would like to give away $30 to you and $30 for your friend to use in either our etsy shop or our clearance section. (Which was just updated before this post).

Leave me a comment here telling me if you will use your $30 toward a custom window treatment or if you will use it for our clearance items and tell me the friend or family member whom you'd like to share the giveaway with. 

WINNER will be posted on TUESDAY of next week, NOVEMBER 20th. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check back. Ic an't tell you how many of these I've done where I have picked a winner and they just never respond. :)

Thank you all for participating and for following us and helping us grow! We appreciate you all.

It has been such a fun year hearing everyone tel me where and how they plan to use their giveaway winnings!! I really do enjoy it and enjoy seeing all the pictures of the items once you have received them. We hope to have many more Giveaway Tuesday birthdays to come!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software GIVEAWAY!!!

My Memories Suite is offering a GIVEAWAY of their fabulous digital software product. We will host this giveaway for ONE WEEK. To enter this giveaway head over to and leave a comment telling us which paper pack you like best!

Now, for those of you, like myself who see a wonderful product and just can't pass it up or wait for to find out if you won the giveaway, you can click on the image above and enter code 12101MMBlogock
This code will $10 off the My Memories Suite digital scrapbook software AND and ADDITIONAL $10 toward your purchase in the store!!
"Suite" deal!!! Okay, corny, but really, that is a pretty sweet deal. 

Some of you may remember my sister in law, Katie, who has been a contributor on a our blog several times. She has her own fun design blog and this header was made using My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software!! 

Again, this Katie's lovely family! This yearly calender was made using the software as well!  Katie is my sister in law and every year the family makes a full year calendar for the grandparents. I am going to suggest using this software to put that together this year. 

And Christmas cards!!! How great would it be to have this user friendly and easy to use software available to make cards and announcements on your own time and ready when you need them?! And all custom and unique to your own needs and taste.

Here is what Katie had to say about the software: "I am always looking for great digital scrapbooking software and I found that with My Memories Suite. It was really user friendly and I learned my way around the software in no time. I really liked that I could download my own background paper and embellishments. I made my family Christmas card, a yearly calendar and a new blog header. I liked that I could customize the size of the paper and make it my own. As I get more into digital scrapbooking, this software will make it more enjoyable to make what I need."

 I'm not kidding when I see I am scared of technology. It gives me anxiety :) I can check my email and post a blog post. But that was the extent of my computer use. But this software is user friendly and you know, it's just downright fun! I might be bombarding my readers with a onslaught of design boards here shortly. :)

Click on the button below and use coupon code 12101MMBlogock to claim your $10 off when you purchase the My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software and an additional $10 off  in the store. 

To enter the giveaway:
 1) Go to and leave us a comment telling us which paper pack you like best! 

2) For an additional entry follow My Memories on Facebook by clicking here.

Leave a separate comment for each entry.

Good luck! And please, in the comment, leave a way for us to contact you when you win this giveaway. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

We were featured on!!!

Apartment Therapy Feature

I have been working with Kirsten Krason of 6th Street Design School for over two years now. I made the shade for her baby Jane's room. You can see more details about the nursery here.

Read Kirsten's interview with Apartment Therapy here. There you will find links to all the elements and items in the room if you are interested. 

And to toot my own horn, I will highlight this part:

"What is your favorite piece or element? I love so many things about this room but I think my favorite element is the roman shade. It was the foundation for everything in the room. The colors are so vibrant but not too loud and perfect for a babies room. The fabric is called The Singing Tree and it makes me feel like the little birds are singing to my baby as she sleeps."

Woot Woot!!!

And here is an up close image of the shade for your pinning pleasure.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to make a "pretty" and neat linen closet

How To Organize a Neat and Tidy Linen Closet

Remember the "Monica Closet?"

My house looks like this more often than not, unfortunately. Looking at this one might assume I have a "Monica closet."

BUT, I don't. Surprise! The one thing I feel I have control over in my house is the closets and cupboards. And they are neat and tidy. Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed you can catch me opening the pantry and admiring my own organization skills. 

The key to a neat linen closet is in how you fold the items that go in it.
Let's start with a bath towel.
1) Lay the towel flat.

2) Fold one side edge to the middle.

3) Fold other side edge to middle.

4) Fold each end toward the middle leaving a gap of about 2-3."

5) Then fold that in half. Done!

It will look like this from the side. . . 

. . .this from the back. . . 

. . .  and this from the front.

The hand towels and washcloths I do a little bit differently because I usually stack these on top of the matching bath towel. Especially if I have guests over I like to stack the towels neatly on the guest bed and if your nice towels have a stripe across the bottom I fold those so the stripe can be seen, like so:

The first three steps are the same for the hand towel as they are for the bath towel.

Next, you fold the towel toward the center 1/4 at a time.

. . . Then another quarter. . . 

Then another so that the stripe is visible across the top.

 Fold each edge toward the center, then fold that in half.

And they will look nice and neat stacked on the edge of the guest bed. 

Or in the linen closet.

I use this technique on anything I fold that is rectangular or square.

Stay tuned for next week on how to fold a fitted sheet and have it look nice and neat in a linen closet.