Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pillow Design Education

Pillow Designs

I get a lot of requests for standard square pillow covers. 

For anyone who might not be aware, here are different pillow cover styles.

Standard Square
Cover from Decorate23

A standard square can be made in either an envelope closure or a zipper closure.

Square with piped edge

(These covers are available for purchase in our clearance section).

A standard square with piping can also be made with zipper closure or envelope closure 

This pillow came from the shop Hinshelwood de Borman Homeware It's out of country, but this pillow is so lovely it is a shop worth considering).

This pillow cover style is best done in envelope closure.
Square Box Cushion

This cushion is typically made with a foam insert and is made with a zipper closure or Velcro closure.

Round Box Cushion

Picture from Nilima Home Furnishings

This is just like the square cushion and is best closed with a zipper or Velcro.

Bolster Pillow with Piped Edges

From Festive Home Decor

While a standard square may suffice in most places, consider other options for your space. The small details may make a big difference in your space and add character. And now, when you request a custom pillow cover you can ask for the style by name.

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