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Giveaway Tuesday birthday winner!!! And Thanksgiving traditions and mishaps!



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Well, our busy Thanksgiving season has come to an end. We got out all of our Thanksgiving orders and are all now enjoying our Thanksgiving holiday with family. I have traveled to the Philadelphia area to my sister in law's house. I have been reflecting on Thanksgivings passed and found myself cracking up! 

I want to hear your Thanksgiving traditions, stories, mishaps, etc.

The one that really got me laughing was a Thanksgiving from my childhood.

This is me with my siblings Thanksgiving of 2004. This is me Four Score and 35 pounds ago. . .  or as I like to call it, BC: Before Children.

We used to have Thanksgiving at my Aunt and Uncle's house because my Aunt's mom would come from the "old people's home" and I think she got less confused if she could come to my aunt's house.

Now, this is something we still laugh about to this day because she still does this at every family gathering and every event. She has "Aunt Bethany" moments from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

"Don't throw me down, Clark! Are we at the airport, Clark?"

So we always start the meal with a blessing. And my Dad or my uncle usually offer the blessing. One year my dad was offering the blessing and my aunt's mom talked through the whole thing. But she didn't just say anything. She said, "I smoked during my whole pregnancy with {her} (my aunt). You could do that sort of thing then! I had to quit smoking because of my colon rectal doctor!" I remember looking over at my dad trying to get through the blessing. He covered his mouth with his hand and tried to pull his face downward from below his eyes so he wouldn't be caught laughing or smiling. He kept saying, "ugh, we're grateful for family and ugh, umm. whoooooo. We're grateful for the meal, and ugh, ummm, sheesh. For family. and uh, ummm. . . . Amen." 

So funny! I cracked up just writing about it. 

I want to hear your funny stories and your traditions!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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