Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to make a "pretty" and neat linen closet

How To Organize a Neat and Tidy Linen Closet

Remember the "Monica Closet?"

My house looks like this more often than not, unfortunately. Looking at this one might assume I have a "Monica closet."

BUT, I don't. Surprise! The one thing I feel I have control over in my house is the closets and cupboards. And they are neat and tidy. Sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed you can catch me opening the pantry and admiring my own organization skills. 

The key to a neat linen closet is in how you fold the items that go in it.
Let's start with a bath towel.
1) Lay the towel flat.

2) Fold one side edge to the middle.

3) Fold other side edge to middle.

4) Fold each end toward the middle leaving a gap of about 2-3."

5) Then fold that in half. Done!

It will look like this from the side. . . 

. . .this from the back. . . 

. . .  and this from the front.

The hand towels and washcloths I do a little bit differently because I usually stack these on top of the matching bath towel. Especially if I have guests over I like to stack the towels neatly on the guest bed and if your nice towels have a stripe across the bottom I fold those so the stripe can be seen, like so:

The first three steps are the same for the hand towel as they are for the bath towel.

Next, you fold the towel toward the center 1/4 at a time.

. . . Then another quarter. . . 

Then another so that the stripe is visible across the top.

 Fold each edge toward the center, then fold that in half.

And they will look nice and neat stacked on the edge of the guest bed. 

Or in the linen closet.

I use this technique on anything I fold that is rectangular or square.

Stay tuned for next week on how to fold a fitted sheet and have it look nice and neat in a linen closet.

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