Friday, March 9, 2012

A smorgasbord of curtains

About six months ago I was contacted by the lovely Amber Colatosti to outfit her home with window treatments. She has a gorgeous home and is a delight to work with! I imagine being on the client end in her etsy shop, Bella Bride Designs , would also be a treat.

This is her beatuiful home!

I do believe we have provided all the treatments in the home. She selected the fabric and we simply did the construction. She has wonderful taste in fabric. If anyone is curious about any of the fabrics used please feel free to leave a comment here and I will give you more details.

Ribbon Valance in the kitchen. The main fabric is a sage green velvet. We made the treatment out of a curtain panel from Pottery Barn (I believe. I could be misremembering that).

Dining area where we used the same velvet curtain panels that we used to make the ribbon valance. As the wall space inbetween the windows was limited we cut the panels in half to keep too much fullness from covering the windows.

Dining room. I made the curtains in the adjacent room as well as the table runner. Our former seamstress, Katie, made the dining room curtains.

Sitting room adjacent to the dining room.

another view.

Another view.

Living room.

Another view.

Upstairs living area. I believe these are my panels.

Master bedroom curtains made by our former seamstress, Mandy.

Amber has a beautiful home and we thank her for sharing it with us! We enjoyed the opportunity to outifit her home with window treatments.

Beautiful work, Ladies! And beautiful home, Amber!

Does anyone have a room or set of curtains they enjoyed the most? Leave a comment here!


  1. Her whole house makes me drool! They certainly don't make them like that here in Phoenix. I think the ribbon valance in the kitchen is my favorite, but it's difficult to choose!

  2. I love the curtains in adjacent room.Really so gorgeous.

    Blinds Melbourne

  3. Smoags board of curtains is shown here. They are great looking curtains.


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  5. Oh....Loved the beautiful curtains. I am willing to install curtains for my home and this article has helped me in making the right choice of curtains.

    Thanks for sharing this. Cheers!