Monday, March 19, 2012

Robert Allen Khanjali Peacock fabric

Calling all Robert Allen Khanjali Peacock fabric lovers! I need some pictures. Pronto! I am having a bit of a problem. . .  I am getting quite a few orders with this fabric. It is quite popular right now. But, my problem is that I see it and I think to myself, "I wish I could vomit on some fabric and sell it for $20 a yard!"

Now, don't misunderstand me. I think the fabric is lovely. The colors are very bold and vibrant, similar to that of my all day every day morning sickness during both of my pregnancies!! I can definitely see that this would look right in the right setting. I see it. But, it would help me a lot if I could actually see that curtains and roman shades I've made from this in their setting. The only place I've ever seen them is here on my shop display block. Bleh!

Since I continue to get orders for khanjali peacock I would love to have an image in my head of this in its setting where it is complementing the room. Right now the only image I get in my head as this runs through my sewing machine is the image of the doctor hovering over me 12 hours after my first C-Section with a resident saying, "See this? This isn't normal. We're going to need to add more staples." All the while he was pointing at my c- section incision which was still bleading and oozing all manner of disgustingness from the gaping hole that hadn't been closed properly. Nightmare. I'd really like it if I weren't imagining that while working on other people's window treatments. I think my clients would appreciate that too. :)

Has anyone used Robert Allen Khanjali Peacock fabric in any capacity? Curtains? Roman Shades? Pillows? Upholstery? I'd love to see it all! Please feel free to drop me a link to your blog and send me pictures of your Roebrt Allen Khanjali Peacock projects.



  1. check out "younghouselove" blog. they used this fabric for their living room curtains.

  2. that's hysterical! good luck in your quest :)

  3. oh i see someone already mentioned it - but here's the link to where young house love shows their curtains.

  4. Thanks for sharing!!! I LOVE THEM IN THAT HOUSE! And I never in a million years would have thought to paint a door yellow until I saw this picture! It's stunning! Thanks for sharing! Now I will imagine that beautiful home instead of having unpleasant flashbacks of the time my grandmother was suffering from renal failure and vomitting up bile. Wow, maybe I'll never really get the images out of my head. But at least I have this beautiful home to replace them with :) Thanks for sharing! I'd love to see more!


  5. Ikats remind me of a uterus but the colors in that fabric are perfect for my room. I have a sample of it hanging up. I"m still looking but if I go through with it I'll send you pics.