Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sponsor Family for March: Berkley!

This is my good friend from high school, Krista, and her daughter, Berkley.

I guess I should also note that Krista's husband, Berkley's daddy, is my brother! :)

But that's beside the point. . .

Neal, my brother and Berk's daddy, has been working very hard these last few years. He was a General Manager of Peter Piper Pizza and going to school to get his degree in accounting. Krista has also been working hard going to school, being mom and working part time.

Finally, Neal graduated!

He continues to work hard studying for his CPA exams all the while working at Butler, Jones and Hansen PC during tax season! Crazy!

Those of us who have been through school know about the lovely graduation gift we get. The honor to repay our student loans. Yipee! That on top of the economy being what it is like, just starting out of school is an extremely difficult time. It is tough to handle the unexpected things that come up.

Berkley got sick recently and now requires breathing treatments that are not covered by insurance. So to show our support for Krista, who works so hard at her job and being mom, and our support for Neal, who is mid-tax season and trying to study and pass his exams, and our love for miss Berkley we are sponsoring miss Berkley Butler this month. $5 of each order in the month of March will go toward Berkley's breathing treatments.

Her is a little about her from her mom:

Berkley is a Very outgoing 2yr old who loves books, crafts, turtles and grdening... with her parents. She has discovered that she loves to count and puts anything in a row and counts them. In November of 2011 she was diegnosed with some breathing problems (Asthma). Her breathing effects her the most at night where if she doesn't take her medication she will stay up all night coughing, and is VERY tired once morning comes. Unfortunately their insurance does not cover her medication that she needs every day, which is very costly.

Krista (Berkley's mom)


If you want to help us help Berkley use coupon code HELPING in our etsy shop to get 10% off your next purchase.

Thank you all! We would love to hear your story or the story of a loved one if you know of anyone that might benefit from our sponsor program. Please email us at windowsbymelissa@gmail.com and tell us your story.

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  1. What an awesome idea to have a sponsor program! And what a deserving family.