Monday, June 4, 2012

Report on May's sponsor family and a coupon!

I apologize for being absent. My grandmother passed away on May 25th suddenly and unexpectedly.

First I want to update everyone on May's sponsor family. We sponsored sweet baby Brenna. Last month was a slower than average month. We raised $145 for Brenna! Since it is too late now to begin a new sponsor family for June and May was so slow for orders, we would like to continue sponsoring Brenna for one more month! So the coupon code BRENNA is still good in the etsy shop for free shipping thorugh June.

We are enjoying helping Brenna's family. Please read about her story here.

Now, about my grandmother. She was 83 years old and died in her home suddenly last Friday. She was a very spry and happy woman. She was the grandmother to myself, my assistant Shannon and Krista, who has made a few of our pillow covers and will again in the future after baby Gwen comes in the next few weeks.

While this is very sad to us, and we will miss her terribly, we were blessed to have her in our lives for such a long time.

We want to offer a generous coupon to our readers in the memory of our grandma Joyce. The coupon code JOYCE will get you 25% off your complete order before shipping in our etsy shop. The coupon code is only good until midnight PT JUNE 4, 2012. Here is a little blurb I posted on FB yesterday about the inspiration behind this generous coupon:

To the memory of my sweet Grandma Joyce. Every Sunday we would meet at Grandma Joyce's house. I have always had very busy hands and always brought a project with me. Grandma was always very supportive of my new porjects and would always hav...e something new for me to work on for my birthday or Christmas presents. ents. One time she stold me shje was inspired by me always having a project going and she decided to start cross stitching table runners.

For today only would like to offer a 25% off complete purchase before shipping coupon if you purchase before Midnight PT Sunday June 3rd with the coupon code JOYCE. With your savings we hope you will purchase something that you and your child or grandchild can do together. A jigsaw puzzle, baking, a latch hook, sewing, etc. Crafting builds strong relationships and wonderful memories. We hope to inspire you. Go. Create!

I know it says good until last night on Facebook, but I didn't post it until too late yesterday. So we will keep it going one more day.

Thank you all! Now that I am back in the swing of things we have lots of exciting posts coming up. Of course, we will be following through with our big giveaway. We have a post on accentuating your hardwood floors with certain accent colors, and much more! Keep reading! And tell your friends to follow!

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