Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

I know. I know. I've been absent. Where have I been? Well. . . . 

At the end of last year my goal was to slow down on work so I could primarily be mom. But it is the first time in yyyeeeaaaarrrrsss that I have not run the business by myself. So I didn't know what kind of a work load I could handle. Well, the work load I took on in Jnauary? yah. . . . can't handle that. Note to self. . . . 

Family problems. . . 


"Training" for my half marathon. I'm getting really good at mental preparation :) I'm harnessing my chi.

And on top of all that I am mommy and wife. I was going to say "housekeeper" but who am I kidding?!

Mostly, I've been working like crazy with the goal of getting my turnaround time down to FOUR weeks! I will not be taking any more orders 'till April in this effort.

I wanted to share some recent client appreciation photos that I thought were lovely. When I make the window treatments I don't get to see them in the window before I ship them. So I love to see the after pictures when they are hung.

Now, this is not the case for the above window treatments, but sometimes I get fabrics and when I open the package I think to myself, "Were you intoxicated when you picked this?!" But when I see the after pictures of the treatments in the room with the house and the colors and the design it all make sense. So please, send me pictures when your treatments are mounted!

Enjoy, and have a great Tuesday! I'll be back soon!

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