Monday, March 4, 2013

Ugly Fabric Challenge Finalists

Ugly Fabric Challenge Finalists

Thank you all for participating in our Ugly Fabric Challenge by either submitting an ugly fabric or voting.

All entries that did not make the top three will receive a 10% coupon to use on a custom order, premade items or fabric yardage from our etsy shop, or for use in our clearance section.

In THIRD place, it was close. It was a toss up between Wacky Turds and Hunky Cowboys for a while there. But Wacky Turds won by ONE VOTE!

In Second Place Macarena Monkeys!!!

And I don't think there is any surprise here. . . 

If first place RAW MEAT!

I think I'm going to hurl.

"If You're gonna spew spew into this."

So. . . . here's the point in the challenge where I think, "What have I gotten myself into???"

Two of these fabrics need to be custom printed, which takes some time. So. . . . For the next step in our challenge I am going to take a few weeks to produce some window treatments from these monstrosities and see if I can make. . .  something of them. 

I think calling it a "challenge" was definitely good word choice. 

oh boy. . .  Here we go! I'll be back with updates.

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