Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ugly Fabric Challenge Update: All Fabrics Are IN!


Two of the fabric choices had to be custom printed, so I had to wait on that. But they are finally here.

Fist up, the creepy dancing monkeys, or whatever they are doing. . . .

And next, stars and poop! I think my favorite moment so far in this ugly fabric challenge has been acquiring this particular piece. The creator contacted me after I placed my order and said, "I'm so glad you like my designs. I'd love for you to post your creation on our Facebook page!" I didn't have the heart to reply and tell her it was entered in an Ugly Fabric Challenge. . . 

And then, raw meat. . .  I'm a little disturbed that this exists. And seeing it in person is perfectly
The design is very large scale and extremely detailed. There are even moisture droplets on the meat that makes my stomach churn. I have to say, while I have very big plans for this piece I am not very much looking forward to the actual creation process.

Let the creative juices flow!
 (I swear there was no pun intended there having said that immediately after this juicy raw meat photo. I actually didn't even notice I had said that right under this picture until I went through to reread it. Gross). 

I am currently working very hard to get my business turnaround time to 4 weeks. So I am thinking you can expect the results of the ugly fabric challenge in a little less than two weeks form now. I will post updates periodically throughout production. Unless the image updates are of me vomiting and dry heaving, in which case I will spare you.

What have I done??? :)


  1. I love weird and interesting fabrics! I recently got into custom window treatments and making my own drapes. Not sure I'd use the meat fabric for it. I think it might read a bit... murder-y to my guests.