Monday, March 18, 2013

Please pass the mustard.

Decorating With Mustard Yellow
I am ready for Spring! The daffodils are beginning to sporout here in Virginia. I have a lot of clients sending me yellow fabrics! I think I'm not the only one longing for summer.
 So let's talk yellow!

Yellow is great for decorating. It is warm, inviting and pleasing to the eye. It is a color for pleasure. It is a bold choice to decorate with, but done right can create a stunning affect.

Yellow can be tricky. It has many hues including green and gray. Yellow paint almost always ends up being brighter on the wall than it looked on the tiny paint swatch. Paint a substantial part of the wall to really get a good idea. Another good rule to go by for paint is to get two shades grayer or greener than what you were considering on a color swatch as it goes on brighter than you might think.

Because of its reflective quality, yellow will work well in small spaces such as hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms or basements. It will help make these spaces less dark.

The most popluar color combo I see right now is yellow and gray. Yellow can be very intense and should be paired with a complimentary color. The obvious seems to be gray. Later this week we will talk about other great accent colors for yellow including black, brown, blue, purple, red and hot pink!

Yellow is considered to be the color with most positive energy in Feng Shui. Terrie at Your Decorating Hotline says, " Yellow can alleviate depression, fatigue and digestive problems but might compound fear, insomnia or aggression. Yellow promotes harmony so would be a good choice in rooms where people gather like a family room or kitchen."

(Martha Stewart)

Here are some great fabric and home decor finds in a mustard yellow or gold.

Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom

Casa Blaca Geo in Citrine

(this pillow is currently on sale)!!

Enjoy! Happy Monday, everyone!

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