Monday, November 18, 2013

Ask Melissa: How to combine roman shades with curtains

I missed last weeks Ask Melissa because my children have been blessed with Fifth's Disease. Good times at my house this week. But now we're back in full swing.
Today's "Ask Melissa" is "How do you combine Roman Shades with Curtains?"
Image courtesy of Lynn Chalk
You should mount the shades inside the window frame if combining both shades and curtains. But this is not required. If you can't mount inside, you will need to make sure your curtain rod will provide enough depth so that the shade will not interfere with the functioning of the curtains. There should be some clearance in between the shade and the curtain.
Image courtesy or client Tara
I recommend mounting the curtain rod at least 5-8" higher than where the Roman will be placed and extend the curtain rod the same distance, or even as much as 10" to either side of the window so the curtains can gather beside the Roman Shades when opened.
Image courtesy of Lynn Chalk
If you can't mount higher than the shade you may mount the curtain rod at the same height as the shade, but, again, you need to be sure when selecting your curtain rod that it will allow for plenty of clearance between the curtain and the shade to operate correctly.
Image courtesy of Lynn Chalk
In the case of combining Roman Shades and Curtains, it is best to line the shades with standard drapery lining and the curtains with blackout liner. This way you are given options. If you want privacy, but still want light, you can just close your Roman Shades. If you want the room to be darkened, you may close your curtains.

Image courtesy of Lynn Chalk
When selecting fabrics for combination Roman Shade/Curtain window treatments, it is best to choose a solid color for the Romans and a coordinating patterned fabric for the curtains.
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