Monday, October 23, 2017

One Yard Wonder Pillow

 One Yard Wonder
Pillow Cover

Do you ever find a fabric you love, but the pattern is too overwhelming to do one whole piece with it? I recommend making your own trim out of the overwhelming pattern an putting it on a solid fabric to make an accent pillow. And it only take a yard of fabric to make a pair! Here's how it's done!

First, measure and mark your pillow fabric. For a 16" cover. I do 16.5" by 16.5". Cut two of these for each pillow, front and back.

Then measure and cut your "overwhelming" fabric that you plan to use for your custom trim. For a 16" cover I did two strips of 4" wide by 18" long.

Because I am using a houndstooth pattern, I cut it so that when I lay the trims across each other the patterns will flow continuously in both directions,

Next, fold over the edges of your fabric and iron so that it is around 2" wide. Mine was around 2.25" wide. You can make it as wide or narrow as you want so that you can have as much of the pattern showing as you want.
(I have a layer of fabric in between my fabric and my iron because the fabric is metallic and the foil melts to the iron if direct contact is made).

Then mark on your fabric where you will place your trim. I put min inset 3". Then pin your trim in place. 

Sew on the trim. I sew as close to the edge as possible.

Sew in your zipper.

Erase all your marking with your iron. And if you're wondering how that works. . . . 

This is a product called "Frixion." It is an erasable marker. It is also available in pens. It erases because of the heat from rubbing the eraser against the mark. So I had the thought one day to see if iron heat wold erase it and it did! YOU'RE WELCOME! 
They are available at office supply stores. I buy them on Amazon.

Then turn your pillow out and fill it with the pillow form! Easy peasy!

These pillow covers will be offered tomorrow in GIVEAWAY TUESDAY!! Stay tuned to enter!

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