Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Textiles by Melissa

Textiles by Melissa

We are still in the printing process, but the website is up and functioning! I wanted to share with you  the newest fabric line from Window Treatments by Melissa: Textiles by Melissa!!

This has been on ongoing project for almost 3 years now. To see it comes together has me a little emotional!

Yardage is available for use in your own projects, or these selections may be used on custom window treatments made by WTBM.

Here are a few of my favorites!

This is our Cherry Blossom fabric. It is available on both cotton and linen!

Turns out naming your own fabric collection is like naming children! So in some cases, I did just that! (Pardon the wrinkles on some of these. I was so excited to share when the samples came in that I didn't pull out the professional grade steamer).

I put a quarter in the images to demonstrate pattern size.

This one is called Miriam Medallion after my daughter, Miriam Belle. Great for cushions, pillows and other projects where you want to display the pattern in full.

Marjory Belle! Named after my husband's sweet grandmother and for whom I named my daughter after. She always had the prettiest hibiscus flowers in her garden.

The Kaylene Chain! After my mom simply because it's her favorite and she is my biggest fan ;)

Berkely, because all things fun and pink remind me of my niece.

And for my other niece, Gwendolyn,all things sweet and that tweet.


 Bristol Diamond             


The Places You'll Go. I read Oh, The Places You'll Go to my kids every year after the school year ends. This reminded me of that book. I think when they have gone on to college and made a name for themselves by punctuating the name I gave them with a few capital letters I will probably still read this book to them.


Bird Cage Silhouette. I haven't listed this one yet, but it is coming soon. 

What patterns are your favorites??? I'd love to hear!


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