Monday, December 2, 2013

Ask Melissa: Why are sewing machines and vacuums sold together?

Sew and Vac? Why are sewing machines and vacuum cleaners sold together?
The main reason is that sewing machines and vacuum cleaners use similar small motors and the same size belts. So it is safe to assume that the one location has these repair parts for both items.
Additionally, Singer made both vacuum cleaners and sewing machines! So they opened one store selling both.

It is also said that these are the two non appliance items that are used domestically.

And then the sexists call it the woman's one stop shop for all her home essentials :)

I would like to add a little side note here. Singer used to be the best of the best in sewing machines. The name has in recent years been purchased and is under new ownership. Singers are just. . . not what they used to be. They are not the same quality as they were last century. Just an FYI for if you are considering purchasing a sewing machine. (Bernina is the best of the best. . . . another side note. . . ).
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Pictures courtesy of ebay :)


  1. Any idea why, aside from Singer's black, the most common color for sewing machines seems to be green? Next I would say came pink and then blue. I don't like most greens and want to repaint most of them. (jhoney1958@'gee'

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