Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One Yard Wonder: Jewelry holder

Jewelry Holder
Materials needed:
1) One yard of fabric
2) One yard of 3/8" wide ribbon
3) One 10 or 12" zipper
4) Coordinating thread colors
5) 8" by 10" picture frame
6) Heavy duty stapler
Start by selecting the following: 1) an 8" by 10" picture frame, 2) one yard of fabric and 3) one yard of coordinating 3/8" wide ribbon.
Next you will cut one piece of fabric to be 9" by 11", two pieces of fabric that are 3.5" high by 11" long and three twelve inch long pieces of ribbon.
Center your fabric in the picture frame and then on the front side use a measuring tape to measure the following:
With a disappearing ink pen, make a mark 1" from the top, make a mark 5" from the top, and then a mark 6" from the top. These marks will be where you will place the pockets and additional ribbon piece.

With an iron, iron over 1/2" of one edge of one pocket edge and fold over and iron 1" of one edge of the other pocket edge. 
On the remaining raw edge of each pocket, pin and sew one of the 12" long pieces of ribbon.
Pin the 3" tall pocket on the 1" ink line you made on the main piece of fabric. Pin the 2.5" tall pocket to the 6" line you made on the fabric. And pin the remaining piece of 12" long piece of ribbon to the 5" line.
Sew along the BOTTOM edges of each pocket.
Then pin one side of the 10" zipper to the ribbon edge of the top pocket places at 1" and pin the other side of the zipper to the 1" line you made. Then sew in the zipper.
Then sew around the entire outer edges of the 9" by 11" piece of fabric. Sew at about 1/2" in. Sew the single ribbon down around the edges only. Do not sew it down to the 9" by 11" piece of fabric.
Only sew across the ribbon that is placed at the 5" mark at the center (and on the sides when you sew around the entire edge) for reinforcement. Do not sew the rest of it to the main piece of fabric.
Then place the piece inside the picture frame and staple at the inner edge of the frame.

When you close the back of the frame, this is what it will look like:
3" tall zipper pocket at the top, single 3/8" wide ribbon in the middle, 2.5" open pocket at the bottom.
I use the ribbon to hold clasp bracelets like the below image:

Or to hold stud of dangle ear rings.

My open pocket on the bottom hold rings, pins and hair accessories.

The zipper pocket holds necklaces.

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