Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clue #2

Clue #2 for the big giveaway at the end of the month:

Yes, that's right, babies! I made these sexy bad boys!

I made them for Fran from greenstreet blog.

This fabric is one of our options on our new website. Wait! Did I say website?! Surprise!!! We have a new user friendly website that I will be annoucning later this week. I know these pictures make you want to put on your party clohes and do a little dance, but you need to hang on another day or so. It's still in the beginning stages just yet. But I promise to deliver a wicked party!

Just be careful if you are going ot buy some of these. If sex could hang from your window frame, it would look like this. I don't want to responsible for a sex riot.

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