Monday, December 3, 2012

Decorating with Houndstooth

My clients have been sending me a lot of Houndstooth lately, and I am loving it!! Some have been for curtains, some pillow covers. . . As I make window treatments I am always curious as to what the roooms look like that they will be going in. So I went to PINTEREST!

Anyone who knows me knows I am not the biggest fan of pinterest. . . .Don't hate me. I think I just don't understand it.

But I was curious about decorating with houndstooth and I thought Pinterest would be perfect!

Curtains, of course:


Accent Rugs:

Accent walls with Wallpaper. I also learned that you can make your own houndstooth stencil and use it on the wall if you aren't a fan of wall paper.

Throw Blankets:

I think what I like best about houndstooth is the personality it adds to a room. Have you ever seen two colors do so much for a room? It's all in the pattern. Love it!
Here are some hidden tab panels I did for a client in Powder Blue Houndstooth from Premier Prints.
Premier Prints sells both small print houndstooth and large print. This is the small print and I think it fits in the room well. It is very soft and delicate, yet still adds personality and character.
Here are some other choices in large and small print that would make great accent pillows if you aren't quite ready to go as bold as an accent wall or are rug.


Do you decorate with houndstooth?  Send me your pictures and I will blog them next week. Can't wait to see them!!!

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