Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to fold a napkin

I learned this in Debutante school. . . . Baha!! Please, everyone. Imagine me poised and refined.

As I said yesterday, there are time in my "busy seasons" (which is usually in April, November and December) I sometimes only see my kids at meal times. So I have to make every moment with them count and do what I can to make those moments pleasant and happy.

I also have to use the precious moments I have with them to teach them. And while I don't expect them to remember everything I teach them, but I know if we practice these things at least once a month or so they'll eventually remember.

Since it's usually meal times I teach them how to set the table. This is what they did.

And of course, how to fold a napkin.

First, place the napkin so it is diamond-shaped with the design side up.

Then, fold the napkin in half patterned sides together.

Then, fold half of the half down.

Next, tuck one side under,

Then, the other side. 

At this point there will still be a corner sticking out. Just tuck that under.

Then when you turn it over there is a pocket for your silverware.

There are variations on this. In the photo below I folded the napkin in half with the patterned sides out and then folded it in half again from the bottom. Then tucked in the sides. That way is really quick, but it doesn't leave as deep of a pocket for silverware.

Napkins and matching place mats are available for purchase in our clearance section.

There is no way in the world I expect my young children to remember all of this. But I have them set the table and try to fold napkins when we have guests over and they get in lots of practice even if it isn't done correctly. They have lots of time to learn and it is just something fun we do together to make our time together a little more special. 

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