Monday, December 10, 2012

Decorating with Linen

This week is all about learning what types of fabrics will give you the look and feel you are trying achieve in your decorating. Today is all about linen.

Image Background is Premier Prints Annie Collection, Diamond.

Linen is both textured and light weight which conveys a relaxed feeling while also being elegant. It flows and drapes beautifully creating a calm and cool effect. Here are some ways to decorate with linen if your goal is to achieve the calming cool effect while also being elegant.

Let's start simple with table cloths and napkins.

I love looking at this images. The way the linen drapes and flows makes me want to relax just from looking at it!

Tea Towels are a great way to add that refreshing touch that linen adds to your kitchen.

A quick and easy way to achieve the look and feel linen offers is by adding throw pillows.


. . . .Or recover a lamp shade.


And of course, curtains!


 Here are some great linen fabrics and great prices, some of which were featured in these pictures.
Premier Prints Annie Diamond

Valorie Wells Jenoveve
Valorie Wells Jevnoveve Floral Birds Collection

Windsor Smith Xu Garden in Light Blue

Windsor Smith Pelagos in Haze

Zimba in Natural

Zimba in Orange

Zimba in Chartreuse

I am in LLLLOOOOVVVEEE with the Orange Zimba. Which one do you like best? 

Does anyone use linen is some other way in their home? Upholstery, maybe? Let me know! I'd love to hear about how you decorate with linen.

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