Monday, October 28, 2013

Ask Melissa: How To Dress an Eybrow Window or Half Circle Window

Ask Melissa:
The Eyebrow, Half Moon and Arched Window
Traditionally, the arched window is intended to be the decorative part of the window and not meant to covered or dressed.

The curtain rods or other window treatment mounting device is meant to be mounted right below the eyebrow window leaving the window entirely exposed.
Flat Panel Curtains below an  eyebrow window.

Roman Shades below and arched window.
But the arches can be dressed. I have had some people tell me they really dislike their arched window and want to dress it or cover it in some way. Here are some ideas:

Stationary panels beside the window will dull the effect of an arched window.

You can use arched curtain rods and cover the window with curtains.

Or you can use a standard straight curtain rod and hang it about 6-8" above the highest point of the arch.

This image shows the curtain rod right at the arche's peak. I imagine this is because of the slanted ceiling. Ideally is should go a few inches higher. But this is an option for dressing an arch.
And finally, shutters. Shutters are a great way to dress a window and allow it to still have it's dramatic effect on the room. I grew up in Arizona where leaving the arched window exposed left a room too hot. Dressing it with shutters was a great option because you still had the look and feel of the arched window, but the shutters blocked out the heat.
Here are some great fabric and curtain selections I found for you.
First is a set of curtains to be hung below the arched window:
This curtain set is from Swags Galore and is currently on sale for $8.49 for standard 84" long panels! It is available in Vanilla (pictured), Chocolate, Ruby, Gold, and White. They are made of crushed satin. Here is the chocolate brown version:
If you don't like the arch and want to cover it completely and dull it's affect on the room, a wide vertical stripe would perform that function well.
This is a white and navy 3" wide vertical stripe, Premier Prints brand, sold by Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory. She also carries it in black:
If you are going with stationary panels to accent the window, or panels on an arched rod, a floral fabric is a great idea as the round shapes of the flowers will accent the round shape of the window. I found this fun floral by Robert Allen at
It's called Robert Allen Courtyard Vine Blossom. Very cute, bright and fun! The pattern is embroidered a Rayon/Linen blend. It's just lovely!
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