Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ugly Fabric Challenge: THE VOTE!

Okay, guys. I REALLY had my work cut out for me here. THANKS A LOT! :) When I started this challenge a few weeks ago I thought I'd get some ugly cat fabric or that weird Premier Prints fabric with the dog silhouettes on it. I was not prepared for, well, POOP and RAW MEAT and APES! Holy cow! When they arrived in the mail all I could think was, "What did I get myself into?!" 

These window treatments are truly an abomination. An act against nature that never should have come into being. If anyone asked me in all seriousness to make them a window treatment out of this fabric I would call their mental state into question.

After creating these monstrosities I fully expect to be smitten by the gods of home decor today for creating such decorating sacrilege.

Please vote by commenting in the comments section of THIS blog post. 
One vote per person per comment.
Voting begins Monday April 15th at Noon ET and ends Monday April 22nd at Noon ET.

The winner of the ugly fabric challenge may choose ONE from the following:
1) A Roman Shade no wider than 38" and no longer than 48". WIll include drapery lining, hardware, and fabric choice from our own stock in our etsy shop or your own fabric choice for $9 per yard or less.
2) A set of curtains 84" long or less with a rod pocket top. Drapery lined. Made from a fabric from our etsy shop or your own fabric choice for up o $9 per yard.
3) A valance of any variety: rod pocket, hidden tab, corner pleat, ribbon tie up valance, etc. Made from a fabric from our etsy shop or your own fabric choice for up to $9/yard.

And, GO!

In third place we had "Macarena Monkeys." These stylish curtain panels are made in our newest design, the inverted pinch pleat curtain, the latest in drapery fashion. Surely Charles Darwin had a set in the room where his inspired book "The Origin Of Species" came to fruition. Think of the inspiration this will spark adorning the windows of your home.

Bring The Planet of the Apes to your living room with these inverted pinch pleat curtains. 

Not that there is any hope for these window treatments, but the header pleats in the back and the ring clips are placed at each pleat. The pleats are four inches long and then open creating fullness and a "lovely" draping effect in the curtains. :)

The runner up in our challenge was "Wacky Turds." This valance window topper looks great in a fabric choice suitable for any bathroom where a little encouragement is needed. A little reminder, perhaps? This fabric will help you to relax and harness your chi ensuring a positive start to your day. After all, what good day doesn't start with. . . ?

This stylish valance is accented ins a coordinating piping. Lovely, isn't it?

And finally, the fabric in first place for our first round of voting: Raw Meat. These window treatments inspired by a H.H. Holmes documentary I saw on Netflix are the latest in our hidden tab collection: Hidden Tab Cafe Curtains! The moisture droplets visible on this large scale print are sure to make your last meal dance as it makes a violent return.

Available in tea towels,

. . . tablecloths, 

And cafe curtains!!!

With raw meat fabric, the possibilities are endless.

After you are over the retching, please leave a vote in the comments below. I was wondering if after a vote if you wouldn't mind including your thoughts as to who my "target audience" would be should I list these for sale? ;)

 Umm. . .  Enjoy?


  1. Planet of the apes for sure. The turds are oddly cute, and the raw meat isn't as obvious, so I vote the ugliest is the apes.

  2. I actually like the poop one! It is kinds acute!

  3. Need more time to vote! Of course, I would vote for poop.