Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ugly Fabric Challenge winner and Client love

I didn't publicize the end result of the Ugly Fabric Challenge a whole lot. Honestly, I've been overwhelmed training new people, keeping up with the work load and then my house caught on fire! So free window treatments all around. All of my finalists can have a free window treatment. And everyone else who participated still gets 10%  off their custom order.

Here are some window treatments we've made as of recent.

Standard Rod Pocket Valance. These valances are made out of a simple solid colored canvas fabric. They tie this kitchen together very well.

Coral Cats Cradel Roman Shades. I love anything in Coral. 'nuff said.

Flat Roman Shades in Chartreuse Gotcha.

This valance was a tad on the complicated side. Client, Lisa, wanted white on the front with pink polka dot accent fabric. The problem we ran into is that the white couldn't stay a true white as the sun would shine through the back side and you would see the pink polka dot fabric through the white. So to resolve this problem I placed a piece of blackout liner in the middle only as far as the drop length. I didn't make it go down as far as where we wanted the fabric on the bottom to be rolled up because all that fabric there would have made it very bulky at the folds. If the knots were untied the overall length would be 36". But the drop length we wanted was 24". So I cut the blackout to 24" and placed it inbetween the white and the pink polka dot and not we have a nice crisp white and don't have any bulk at the folds.


  1. Where are the winners posted?

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