Thursday, May 2, 2013

We're back!

After a short break to catch up on orders and deal with my house fire situation we are back! Here are some general updates.

Window Treatments by Melissa, LLC:
At the end of last year I had thought I wanted to cut back on the business and devote more time to my family. I did that by letting go of all my seamstresses thinking that I wouldn't feel obligated to take on orders because I wouldn't have anyone relying on me for work. But it turned out that wasn't the problem. I am so humbled and grateful that people like my work and want to display it in their homes. I feel ungrateful turning away orders. In January I think I accepted every single order that came my way. It made for a very long turnaround time and that led to unhappy customers. To correct this I decided to hire back some seamstresses, and assistant and am still considering looking for a few more people! Here is where we are at so far.

The team:
Cyndie: Cyndie is my assistant and will be answering emails, offering quotes and will do so promptly so we can ensure your satisfaction with not only your product but the entire order process.

Becky: Becky has worked for us before making many beautiful window dressings.Some may recognize her work.

Heather: Heather is new to the team and currently in training. She is a very talented seamstress and will be a great addition to our team.

Trena: Trena has always been here! She does our pillow covers and seat cushions.

Our website is currently under reconstruction by Bryan Gentry. We are working together to make it even more user friendly and functional than it was before! We will also be adding the clearance section to the website as well as "ready to ship" items. Coming soon! Check out Bryan's work here. And our website is a work in progress here.

I was getting a little fed up with Etsy and we had closed our shop. But we decided to reopen it as we are able to do many great things through Etsy. With Etsy I was able to employ more people and we were able to carry out our successful sponsorship program to help people in need in our community. For the foreseeable future our Etsy shop will be open.

Sponsor program:
We are finally bringing back our sponsor program. We donate $5 from every order to help a family in need. Tomorrow you will learn about our family for May. At the end of each month we donate a monetary amount to their cause. If you know of anyone that might benefit from such a program please email me at

Turnaround Time:
As of Today our current turnaround time is still 6-8 weeks. When Heather and Cyndie have completed their training we will be able to get that down by three weeks! This should happen in the next week or so.

Coming up you can expect more educational posts on the latest products as well as DIYs and how tos. We will have giveaway, more fun challenges like our Ugly Fabric Challenge, and updates on the latest findings in fabrics and home decor styles.

I am looking forward to interacting with you all again soon and bringing you the latest! Thanks for sticking around!

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