Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Sponsor for May: Eliza Hope

Eliza Hope

Any long time readers may remember when we sponsored Seth. Seth was born with a very rare disease which eventually resulted in this sweat baby's passing. Later his sister, Eliza Hope, was born with the same disease.

Here is a little bit about her from her mom: "We recently welcomed another daughter into our family in November, Eliza Hope. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with the same disease that Seth had (dyskeratosis congenita). She was transported to Cincinnati Childrens where we await a bone marrow transplant for her. We were blessed to have her older sister Grace (5 years old) be her bone marrow match. We are planning on moving foward with the transplant when Eliza is 3 months of age. We have hope that things will go much better, due to her brother paving the way. He continues to help and inspire our family, as well as others!"
Her mom gave me this write up a while ago and of course Eliza is a bit older now.

This is a picture of Eliza with her older sister, Grace. Grace was a match for Eliza's bone marrow transplant. 

The picture above is Grace before going in for the bone marrow harvest. What a brave little girl!

This month we are donating $5 of every order to this beautiful family! We will update throughout the month on Eliza's condition. She has undergone the transplant already and we are just waiting to see if the cells engraft. 

You can follow her story here on the family's blog or you can get updates on Eliza's Facebook page.

Keep fighting, Eliza!

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