Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Does Outdoor Fabric Work?

Outdoor Fabric Facts

Acrylic fabrics are a great option for outdoor fabrics because, unlike indoor use fabrics, acrylic outdoor fabrics are dyed before the fabric is woven. This is different from indoor fabrics which are printed on after the fabric is woven.

The dying process being done before the fabric is woven helps the color to last longer and is more fade resistant. 

Polyester is the other common outdoor fabric choice. It is dipped in an acrylic solution making it water repellent and mildew resistant.

Suncloth Sky

Quadrille Allen Suncloth Sky

The best way to keep outdoor fabrics functioning properly is to keep them clean. This should be done often by shaking out the dirt and rinsing them with water. 

Mildew grows on dirt first before it begins to grow in fabrics. Cleaning your outdoor fabrics often by shaking out the dirt will help them last longer. You can also use a mild soap with lukewarm water, though this does not need to be done often.

Quadrille Azak Orange Pink on Suncloth

Outdoor fabric is durable and created to stand up to sun and the elements. For these reasons, it is also a great choice for inside use in a room that gets lots of light.

Sunny Yellow from Decorate 23

The fabric is above is my favorite outdoor fabric. 

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