Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Most Effective Positioning For Your Window Treatments

Effective Placement of Window Treatments

Narrow a wide window

To narrow the width of a window reduce the curtain track or curtain rod so that more of the window is covered when the curtain are opened. This is a reasonable option for blocking out light.

Widening a Window

To widen a window extend the curtain track or curtain rod so that the curtains will only cover the very edge of the window when opened. The curtain will be mostly be covering wall in this instance.

Lowering the Height of a Tall Window

Install either a valance or pelmet box so that the bottom of the valance or box will cover up some of the glass of the window.

Heightening a Low Window

Place a valance or pelmet box high above the window so that the bottom of the valance covers just the very top of the window as demonstrated in the picture below.


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  2. These ideas are so great! I want to put new treatments on my windows in Surrey but I haven't been sure on what would look best. I really love the idea of widening your window by extending the curtain track. Thanks for the help!

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