Friday, April 19, 2013

The Ugly Fabric Challenge takes an Ugly turn.

Unbeknownst to me while in the shower this morning, there was a smoldering fire in the room above me. !!!!
After my shower my daughter requested grapes for a snack. Making this work of art on my floor really worked up an appetite.
Miriam, The artist.
I was putting grapes in a bowl in the kitchen when I started to smell a melting sort of a smell, like melting plastic. I picked up the toaster and looked inside. Nothing. Then made sure all the kitchen appliances were off. I noticed the smell got stronger when I walked into the living room. I stepped on the landing of the stairs and the entire stairwell was filled with smoke. I didn't even go up to look. I immediately got my phone and called 911. I said, "I don't know what is happening in the second floor of my house, but I know it's something I can't take care of myself. So send a fire truck!" The dispatcher said, "What is it? smoke? Is there anyone up there?" I said, "Smoke. And no I'm not going up there to see what it is so just send a fire truck!" Then he told me to get Miriam and my cats and get outside. And all I could think of was how messy my house was and Miriam had just painted the floor and surely they would walk in and say, "Well no wonder your house on fire! Look at this place!"
This is what my house looks like right now from the entry way. Directly to the right is the door to the stairway. Mess!
I couldn't find the cats so I just went outside. Then the fire truck came.
I said, "It's upstairs!" And up they ran. I was left outside with my Miriam and all the neighbors in their jammies looking at me.
A few minutes later a fireman came out with this:
I've never been so emberassed in all my life! Last week when I made this towel for our Ugly Fabric Challenge it was intended to be just a silly prop to accent the ugly bathroom window treatment we made out of the fabric.The fabric was a pink background with yellow stars and POOP! It's called. "Wacky Turds." Printed on linen, none the less. . .
This is what it used to look like:

My kids LOVED the towels and said, "We want to keep them in our bathroom!" They also said they wanted everything and anything made of the "poop" fabric.
In my kids bathroom I have a nightlight/lamp that sits on the back of the toilet. It's a glass butterfly lamp.
The towel had fallen on top of the lamp completely covering it. AND CAUGHT ON FIRE!!
The fireman said if I had left the house this morning I would have come home to nothing.
Sooooooo, I think I will have nightmares and anxiety everytime I do an Ugly Fabric Challenge from now on. . . .
For anyone with an outstaning order with Window Treatments by Melissa, this fire occured on the secnond level of our home and my work room is the basement of our home. So have no fear, your fabrics are safe and sound and production will resume this evening.
If you could have seen the look on my face trying to explain the Ugly Fabric Challenge to the fireman. . . . Ugh! I just remembered as I wrote that that the turd towel is still stretched out on my steps the way I layed it out for the picture. Now the mail man will think I'm a loon too. I think this Ugly Fabric Challenege has defined me for the entire neighborhood!
Here's to an eventful end to our First Annual Ugly Fabric Challenge!


  1. So glad you guys are ok and the fire wasn't worse than it was... It looks like you handled everything exactly right and so calmly.

    Also, how FUNNY is this?!?! (Now that we know you are ok.) I LOVE that the turd fabric caught on fire!!

    Great laugh... Thanks!

  2. Thanks, E. I have since hear from my daughter that she was upstairs washing that red paint off her hands and the towel must of fallen at that point. I'm sure she didn't think anything of it.


  3. That was the fabric I submitted!! I'm glad you're okay. The "Wacky Poop" fabric *does* look pretty great on those towels.

  4. I think that these windows victoria bc are so great! They really make the home look so much better.