Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Around the house: The Kids Bathroom

The Kids Bathroom

We live in an old house in Virginia. Old house=small bathrooms! In the kids bathroom you can sit on the toilet, soak your feetg in the tub and brish your teeth at the sink simultaneously! This is the kids bathroom. We did an "underwater" theme.

(The thing that makes me laugh about the picture above is that none of those toothbrushes belong to my children even though this is the kids bathroom).

Underwater shower curtain with fish curtain clips, and a shower curtain for a window curtain in the background. In Virginia there used to be a law that you had to have a window that a person could crawl through in the bathroom. So ours is right there in the shower! Good morning neighbors!!

Crab tissue holder and underwater themed wallpaper

And my own personal creative touch, the ducks rear end. :) We used to have three of these swimming around on our ceiling, but I had some elctric work done in the bathroom recently and the electricion knocked some down. These ducks are hanging from our ceiling with putty. It is supposed to be the view looking up from underwater :) The floor tile I chose looks like sand, but I don't have a picture of it at the moment.

This duck is very simple to make. I bought a styra-foam ball at the craft store and cut it in half. I got several different colors of feathers: yellow, brown, white, etc. I stuck the feathers into the foam in such a way to make it look like a duck. Then with brown felt I cut out duck feet and glued them to either the feathers or the foam. You can also glue the feet to popsicle sticks and insert the popsicle sticks into the foam ball. Then with sticky putty I stuck it to the bathroom ceiling. Voila! Swimming ducks in your bathroom. I've also seen Barbie and Ken legs in swim suits and trunks attached to the ceiling, but human legs hanging from my ceiling was a bit much for me, But, it is cute!!

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