Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Around the house: The Kitchen

My Chili Pepper Kitchen

(Note the cereal dispensor. Anyone with little children NEEDS one of these. NEEDS).

Small kitchen=no pantries or cupboards. We made one in the corner where the trash can spot used to be and then in front of it had to add a little cupboard :/

Hot pad, oven mit and apron. I made these. I used to sell them on etsy before window treatments.

Chili pepper ruffled rod pocket curtains

As I said above we have very limited cupboard and drawar space. I didn't have any place for oven mits and pot holders (the ones above are just decoration :)). So my husband bought these decorative hooks at a hardware store and anchored them to the wall. They work quite well and help me to remember to wash my oven mits and potholders regularly since they are always in view.

I LOVE to decorate with colored glass. The red green and orange glass containers as well as the clear grape glass and round glass container each hold things we cook and bake with often: vanilla, vinegar, worcestershire sauce, olive oil, vegetable oil. Then of course the chili pepper salt and pepper shakers. The glass is so much more decorative and fun to look at than the original containers the items came in. It also helps to keep things neat and organized. The orginal containers were different sizes, colors, etc. But this keeps things nice, uniform and attractive. 

Chili pepper flour and sugar containers.


The paint is. . . . . Bear brand Chili Pepper Red. Surprise! ;)

I love to cook and being in this bright fun kitchen makes me love it even more!

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