Monday, April 9, 2012

Around my house: Living Room

I wanted to show you all what life is like behind the curtains this week. We'll start today with the living room.

 We love to decorate with books. These Encyclopedia Britanica belonged to my grandfather. They are always a conversation piece.

Our seamstress, Krista, she makes our pillow covers that you see in our shop, made the floral center piece on my piano. Lovely.

I have been known to dabble in watercolors. The painting on the wall and the one on the piano are my own.
Now, before I trick you into thinking that we play piano and harps all day and are super smart because we read Encyclopedia Britanica, I want to show you now what my living room really looks like.

My living room would not be complete without laundry baskets of clothes not put away, puzzles on the floor and of course, my son, Joshua, watching Cars or Cars 2. I have now seen Cars more times than I've seen my own face.

Another view often seen through our living room is my daughter, Miriam, headed toward the stairs to hide her cantraband in her room. In this case it is a handful of smarties she stole from the kitchen counter.

And another view often seen in my living room is our cat, Ruby Tuesday, plotting her escape from us, her captors.

I painted the walls, it is not wallpaper. I will soon have a DIY on how to do the stripes later this month.


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