Friday, August 23, 2013

Annual Clearance Sale Date

Annual Clearance Sale is on Saturday September 14th!!!
It's about that time of year again! Our busiest season is just before the holidays as everyone is getting their homes ready to entertain visitors. To accommodate the work load we like to clean this place out just before busy season.
This year our sale begins on Saturday September 14th. It will be a first come first served basis. I will start the sale at midnight. I haven't decided if it will be here on my blog or if I will put it in the clearance section of the website. Stay tuned for those details. I will update every Friday before the event with details and "sneak peaks."
You can expect to see products in some of the following designs:
(If you see something you like, click on it to find out more about the product)
You can expect to see:
Here are the policies:
1) First come, first served basis.
2) Payment will be made by paypal invoice (If you do not have a paypal we can add a personal listing for you in our etsy shop for an additional processing fee).
3) All Clearance sales are final. No refunds, no returns.
4) If your paypal invoice (or etsy listing) is not paid for in 24 hours from the time it is sent to your email address, the item will go to the next person in line.
5) Shipping prices will be stated with the item and is for the individual item. If multiple items are purchased, shipping will be adjusted accordingly.
6) Alterations can be made to Roman Shades, Curtains or Valances for a fee and additional processing time. They can only be made to a measurement smaller than what they currently are.
7) Note, all pillow covers are sold WITHOUT inserts unless it specifies "Sold With Insert," which is only the case with round pillows.
Please leave any questions you may have in the comments section here. I will answer them ASAP.
Thank you! Looking forward to a great clearance sale this year and hooking you up with some designer décor at a great price!!

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  1. I like the curtains. I need to look into residential windows in Vancouver. Maybe then I can decide what kind of curtain I want.