Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guess Where I AM?!

Hello, my dear readers. I have significantly neglected my blog for the following reason:
1) We have been working long hours to revamp our WEBSITE!!
2) I have been working WAY too much to get all of my orders out so I could do THIS.
3) Preparing and training for my marathon.
4) My grandmother passed away last week :(.

Long story short, I am in Ireland now with no access whatsoever to a sewing machine. :) So let's start at the beginning: The Website.

We have made a lot of changes to our website to make it more user friendly. Ordering multiple shades in different sizes and fabrics is now easier and more clear. We have added several new products and designs. And the change: The Clearance Section!
Another new addition I am vvveeerrrryyyy excited about it the "Melissa Recommends" page. (This page is still under construction, but here is what you will see). Here you will find fabric stores which carry fabrics that meet our standards and requirements for window treatments. Among them are Lynn Chalk and Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory.
You will also find stores we have worked with and recommend for home accents and other d├ęcor items. Among these shops is "Rainey Creek Home."
And finally, if you have tried our price quote calculator and found that custom work isn't in the budget, we have some shops with ready to ship curtains that are already made. Among these is "Swags Galore."
Now, as for Ireland and this marathon business. . . . Well, I used to think that people who ran marathons were kooky. After training for this marathon for nine months, undergoing the marathon runner diet and subjecting myself to hours of torment that includes bleeding toes. . . I still think people who run marathons are crazy. :)
 I run tomorrow morning at 8:30! I'm starting to feel a little nervous. When I went to sign in yesterday and get my "bib" number and shirt, etc, I saw all the people there and was thinking, "I don't look like these people." They all looked like Superman.

We left Thursday and arrived Friday. I didn't want to be jet lagged on race day. I gave myself plenty of time to acclimated to the time change and recover from exhaustion.

We are staying in the penthouse on the top right of this building in Custom House Harbor. This is the way to go if travelling for an extended period of time. We rented someone's apartment and have a kitchen and tons of space. It is much more comfortable than a hotel and we are right in downtown in and amongst all the people. We don't feel so disconnected as when in a hotel.
We are just North of The Liffy.
I don't mind the extra U, but two Ls, eh?
This just made me "smile."

And now for Grammy. My grandmother died. She went in for minor surgery to correct a hernia incision from surgery that happened a year ago. During her recovery she was sleeping, vomited, and choked. She died on Friday of last week. It was quite unexpected and quite a blow. I was unable to put out any kind of quality work at that time, so if you have an order outstanding with us, I ask for your patience and understanding at this time. I am very grateful for my iPhone. I was able to do FaceTime with my family and be there with them and Gram as they turned off her life support machines and her passing.

This is my gram with my son. We aren't doing a funeral. But we are going to have a wake at Rosie McCaffrie's Irish Pub in Phoenix next month. (That's my family for you). . .  Best advice Gram every gave me: "Win or lose WE BOOZE!" I'm not a drinking woman, but the over all message still applies. ;)
So anyway, that's just a little of what we have been up to around here. I can't wait to get back into blogging and reconnect with you all. I love receiving your comments and emails and hope to develop more friendships with you all in the coming months.
Thanks for sticking around. I will bring you more from Ireland this week as I run the race and as we do some exploring. :)


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