Friday, August 30, 2013

Annual Clearance Sale Sneak Peaks

I hope those who joined in our "I'm busier than. . . " fun on Facebook yesterday enjoy your $10 off coupons to use in the clearance sale :)

I was thinking about it and we shouldn't really call this a "clearance" sale. It is a clearance sale in that I am trying to free up some space to handle our holiday work load. But it is not clearance in that these are items that have been sitting our shop unsold. (Well, some are. . . .). We are going to be using this sale as an experiment of sorts to gather information from our buyers on future plans for expansion in the business. So you can expect to find great pieces in designer fabrics at great prices.

Because we are going to be gathering information from this sale we are going to be doing the sale on the blog. You will need to contact me via email to purchase an item. Don't worry, we are not adding you to a mailing list, etc. I have the blog for you to follow so you can keep up with us. I have no reason to send out emails, etc. The sale will be a first come first served basis. We are going to note the amount of emails/interest in certain items based on how many inquiries there are for the item.

So if you're wondering how we can sell items made from Windsor Smith Riad or Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis, Robert Allen's Cats Cradle or Braemore's Secret Gate at such low prices, just consider it our thanks to you for participating in our experiment. And also, just a general thanks for considering us for your home decorating purposes. We would be nothing without our clients and we appreciate you.

With this information we will be gathering, we hope to offer you more of you want and have it ready and available on hand.

Here's a little of what you can expect to see. . .

We will have pillow covers in a variety of sizes and shapes in designer fabrics starting at $5.00 per cover for Premier Prints designs and up to $20.00 for other designer brands such as Windsor Smith.

We have a set of gray and white horizontal stripe curtains HALF WIDTH (25" wide each panel) 84" long, lined with drapery lining.

Tea Towel sets for $5.00.
AND new designs we hope to add to our shop!! The image above is a set of 16" round pillows with a 2" gusset and welting. They come finished with the pillow inserts. We would like to know if there are people out there who are overwhelmed by the process of shopping for home d├ęcor items and would like to just order an item and have it arrive ready to use as opposed to ordering a cover and having to purchase an insert yourself. I would love your feedback here in the comments if you have any on the subject.
More sneak peaks next week!

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  1. Cannot wait! We have a pair of green indoor/outdoor pillows in our family room made by y'all and love them! :)