Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why Are Grommet Panels So Costly?

Why are Grommet Top Panels so Expensive?
I get asked this question A. LOT. Grommet top curtains are beautiful! They can take a set of curtains from casual to formal.
Grommets come in a variety of finishes: Nickel, Brass, Bronze, etc.
You can also get them in either metal or plastic with metal, obviously, being the more costly option. At Window Treatments by Melissa, I only use metal grommets. I will use plastic upon request, but metal is the highest quality.
Grommets are also available in a variety of sizes. 1 3/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8" and many others. This is where the expensive part comes in. . . 
To attach the grommets to the curtain, it requires a special tool. This tool is about $500 before all the attachments, which are another $300 or so depending on size. The attachments are bought in a set unique to just one size of grommets. I use 1 1/2" grommets, so the attachment for the machine for 1 1/2" is $300. To use 1 3/4" grommets would require purchasing another set of attachments for $300. To have a variety of sizes would be extremely costly. Additionally, attaching the grommets is extremely labor intensive.

Then, the grommets themselves run around $40, +/-, for just one curtain panel.
My customers are sometimes shocked when they asked for a quote for curtain panels and I say $44, then they ask to add grommets and the price changes by $100.

Plastic grommets are a much more affordable option and function just as well. They do not require a special machine and are not labor intensive. They also run about $15 for a set to cover one panel.
We only use the metal grommets. I have had many people request grommet tops and it just isn't in the budget. I wanted to present another options to you so you can still have the beautiful look of grommets without the added fees of custom work.
Swags Galore offers a variety of beautiful grommet top window treatments. They are stylish, more than affordable and there are a few on closeout this week!! Check them out to get your grommet top panels NEXT WEEK! Most of their items are in stock and ready to ship.

If I can't help to provide you custom window treatments, I recommend trying Swags Galore to fulfill your window treatments needs.
Happy browsing and shopping. Enjoy!

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