Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don't forget! Coupon inside!

Hello everyone. It's mid month and I wanted to remind you about coupon code ADAM for the month of July. It is good for free shipping in our shop and also helps out our sponsor family of the month. Here is a little bit about Adam from his grandma, Donna.

 Nine year Adam with his Gardnam, Donna.

" Adam was born on October 1,2002 at Carilion Community Hospital. Complications had set in for both mother and baby.  Emergency procedures were performed...Adam was moved to NICU where he began fighting for his life...and what a "fighter" he is!  He was a NICU "graduate" "

"After nine long years,of fighting...enduring all of his handicaps...Adam still fights to breath and live. Adam is very much aware of everything around him and has a big smile for everyone! He loves going to school; music time and playing instruments, arts and crafts, and especially his teacher, and teacher's aids."
"Adam loves his family,especially his little five year old sister, who climbs upon his bed and tells him stories, sings him little sweet songs..hugs him and kisses his cheeks and forehead. She "makes" Adam's days!"

"Adam's heart "melts" when his Mother is near...he loves her so much!  And he loves "hangin' out" with his Daddy, who always lays Adam across his big chest and says "How ya doin', Buddy"  Adam listens to his Daddy talking and to his daddy's strong heart beat and his great big snores, when he falls asleep. Adam knows that he's safe when his dad is near...and can imitate his Dad's snoring to a "T"!

Adam loves his extended family ,too. His Gramma and his great-aunt Brenda watch over him. Adam never misses birthday parties and holiday celebrations...with his cousins,aunts and uncles...they all love Adam."

"Just so you all know...Adam has Cerebral Palsy, caused, at birth, from a "bleed" to the two upper levels of his brain, he doesn't talk or walk, or sit up without support.  Adam is also blind.  He cannot eat "food" by mouth unless it is puree...but has a feeding tube, pump and a formula.  When he smells good food and favorites like pizza or french fries...Gramma tosses the food into the blender and lets Adam taste the food which he loves.

Also, Adam has Scoliosis, which is painful, and last,MS, which makes his muscles and tendons ache. Gramma and Adam's Great Aunt Brenda are watching over Adam. They spend many hours helping Adam with stretching and playing; with music and drums and bells; with feedings and baths and much more."

"Adam's hospital trips...surgeries, meds, supplies,and equipment, have been a challenge for Matthew and Kathy.  Adam has outgrown All of his equipment now so they must begin again to replace things like the wheel chair, bath chair, feeder chair, car seat...and soon they will need a Lift to move Adam around...the list goes on, as all parents who have handicap children,well know,  it's  challenging but necessary.

Thanks to Melissa for all she does for everyone...and for choosing to sponsor Adam for the month of July.  May Gods most choice blessings be hers.Thank you all, from Adam."

I have lots more pictures of Adam to share at the end of the month when we do his report. I have some of tender family moments with his mom and dad and sister. What a sweet family. Let's help them out!!

Remember coupon code: ADAM good through the end of July!

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