Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Treatments for Slanting Windows

 Okay, readers. I can't believe I am doing this and my roommates will very likely kill me. BUT, I am posting pictures from college. I promise it relates to slanting windows. But, I couldn't put my collge pictures up without taking a little stroll down memory lane. After all, the most significant parts of my life happened here.

I met my husband in college.

Me and my husband, BC=before children :)

The hubbins and I on homeymoon

And I had my first baby, Joshua. His due date was the week after final exams of my final semester of college. But the little stinker didn't want to be an afterthought. So he came two weeks early! I gave my senior presentation three days after a C-section in sweat pants and high on Percoset. Good times.

I went to Southern Virginia University for my undergraduate degree. The campus has the most beautiful buildings you'll ever see! Most built during the victorian era.

I lived in the turit room right in the center of the picture. As you can tell from the picture the room had two floors.

To give you an idea of the lay out, I took this picture
and the one to the left standing in the same place. So
the stair case is directly to the right of the left

This was our bedroom in the lower part of the round turrit
 that you see in the picture of the front of the building.

The picture above and below are the main part of the dorm room. To give you an idea of the lay out the picture of the stairas and the bedroom was taken from that doorway in the back of the room to the left of the mirror and dresser in the above photo. And both of these pictures were taken from the same place in the room, the front doorway.

Love the James Dean posters and calender. Oh, James Dean. . .

As we were on the top floor, our ceilings were slanted.

The building was very old and terribly drafty. The round room in the front was always so hot because it had windows all around it. We had two dormer windows in the room in the part with the slanted ceilings.

To provide privacy in a room with a dormer window, put a curtain rod both where you will hang the curtain and then another where the slanted ceiling meets the wall.

Obviously, I don't recommend a roman shade on this type of window, but these curtains look fabulous! You can see from the photos that they look like they slide back and forth easily and appear to be very functional. I got the idea of a window treatments book called Quick and Easy Window Treatments by Gail Abbott and Cate Burren.


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